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Do you add a degree when taking a newborns temperature under the arm?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) April 21st, 2012

My pediatrician didn’t tell me this but said a fever is 99 or 37.2.
I take her temp under the arm with a digital thermometer which is always around 36.4.
I’ve read online that you add a degree which would mean she always has a fever!
I’m confused by this.
Do you raise it by one or is it accurate under the arm?

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No, you don’t add anything. The thermometer will acurately read the underarm temperature.

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Normal oral temp is 98.6. Underarm is about a degree lower, rectal temp is about a degree higher.

When you tell the doctor what the baby’s temperature is, just specify where you took it.

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Thanks x

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You add a degree when taking anyone’s underarm temp, but I believe it’s a degree Fahrenheit that you add, which is smaller than a celcius degree. So no, your baby’s temperature is perfect.

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