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How can I modify graphics used in a Microsoft Word 2007 Document Template?

Asked by ETpro (34425points) April 21st, 2012

Word 2007 has some great looking templates built in, but ever the perfectionist, I want to tweak the color and graphics associated with them. Short of doing a screen capture, ripping it apart in Photoshop and converting the whole thing to an HTML document with sliced and edited graphics in a /images folder, is there a way to get at and edit the graphics the Word .dotx file uses?

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I just have the Mac version but a right click provides the option.

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@johnpowell Really? I tried that and didn’t see any menu choice that seemed to offer that capability. Maybe I have to toggle to a different top-level menu before the right click. Thanks.

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In my experience, Word 2007 can make it maddeningly difficult to select an image. Once you select it, you can find options like Format Picture and change the source.

But I can’t tell you how to select an image. For me it goes something like this: click, nope, click, nope, click, nope, click, nope, click, nope, click, nope, click, nope, click, nope, click YES!

Sometimes a large, full-page graphic may be embedded in the header, not the body, so check that, too.

Your mention of HTML gives me an idea.
Save As HTML so you get the separate graphics files.
Edit the image(s)
In the Word document, choose an image and there is an option somewhere (don’t have Word on this computer so I can’t look it up) to Change Source or something to that effect and you can choose your edited image file.

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@jaytkay I tried that but it loped off most of the graphic elements, leaving just a sliver of them visible. THe save as HTML function needs serious surgery.

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Word is a Word Processor. Word 2010 is not any better at this either.
While graphics can be added, adjusting things is not so straighforward from within the program editors.
If you wish to stay the MS product course, use Publisher or one of the many applications that focus on this kind of end result like Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, etc.

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I just had a look at a template with graphics and I found a work around. Try following steps.

1. Developer tab: Click on (round) office button, then on word options, in the popular tab check (tick) Show Developer tab in the Ribbon. Click ok to close the word options window.
2. Back in word, click on the developer tab (farthest right tab) on the ribbon to open it. Click on the design mode to highlight it (to activate it).
3. Go into the word file where the graphic is; it should now be clickable. You can copy (right click->copy or ctrl+c) to copy it, then paste it in photoshop or elsewhere.

I am on windows and I am illiterate in mac (haven’t seen it yet!). Please check following the steps above. I hope this helps.

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@prasad That gets me a good way there. I got to the clickable graphic and can copy it and into Photoshop but it doesn’t preserve the size. I’ll have to play with it a bit to figure out how to edit a background for a page. Thanks for getting me off dead center.

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Now that you can click/copy the graphic, you may try following.

In word, we cannot directly export/save image on computer, but we can in powerpoint. So, copy the graphic from word and paste it into powerpoint slide. In powerpoint, right click on the graphic. Select Save as Picture. You can save the graphic on your computer by giving it a file name and choosing Save as type (e.g. jpeg, png, etc.). Then, you can import the graphic into photoshop. Fluther jellies are more knowledgeable than me to tell you about how to import the graphic in photoshop. I have found a video on how to import an image in photoshop.

What about the background?

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@prasad Many thanks. I’ve played with it tonight and found a few work arounds, but that seems a more predictable route.

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