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Iv'e just been added to the fluther of someone who is no longer present on fluther. What am I to make of this?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) April 22nd, 2012

They were called howtogetridofacold, for what it’s worth. What do I make of this? I can’t even view their history here! Or can I?

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Most likely they added you right before they were banned. If they had any history (questions/answers) that weren’t modded, you could search for their name and something would show up. If everything was removed though, you won’t find it through the search.

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They had added me, too! Weird.

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Boohoohoo, I have not been added :-(

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You can make 2 lurve points. WhoppeeTeeDooo!

I was also added. No biggie.

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prolly cuz you’re a boy with a thingie @rebbel. no boys with thingies allowed. : (

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@Ela Okay, I am a boy, but you can leave the ie from thingie.

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Yeah, that was a spammer who (weirdly) followed people just before we caught and banned him.

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That was a little weird. I got followed too. Thanks Auggie. The mods come through again.

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As with any “following” a brief grin & a large portion of apathy.

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It sounds very cryptic, to say the least. Use caution but don’t lose the vision. Fluther Vision.

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That was a spam account and I banned them. They had already added a number of people though.

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^^ Bellatrix and her mighty ban hammer. ^^

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Me too. I also read the spammer’s profile and laughed. It said you could buy this product to get rid of a cold, and then it said something like “I had trouble getting pregnant but then I found the way using this product.” It was like it had been assembled from spare parts and not actually read by anybody.

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I was followed too. Thanks for the lurve points, whoever. @augustlan, perfect pic for @Bellatrix!!!


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Like @rebbel I wasn’t added by the person with the cold remedy. snif

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@lloydbird and others above, me too.
I always check out someone who wants to know me better.
And all I saw were jelly-legs hangin’ out of King Neptune’s mouth.

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I was added to that one’s too. I figured since the name sounds like an advert, it was spam.

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Wouldn’t you know the only person following me is banned.

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Haha, @bkcunningham. You have 32 people following you. But you aren’t following anybody.

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Lol!!!! bkcunningham Jeruba is right. I will follow you if you follow me :)

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I’ve never been much of a follower, @Earthgirl. You are sweet though. Thank you.

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