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After "Metta World Peace" smashed his elbow into the side of James Harden's head, what should "Peace's" new name be?

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meathead world piss

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Ooh, i’ll scratch your bloody eyes out mincing queen.

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Dick Head.

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I saw the play. It looked like Harden stepped into Artest and Artest semi threw an elbow/semi was celebrating but I don’t think he intended to elbow the guy in the head. It looked (giving him the benefit of the doubt) that he was trying to push by him. I doubt he is that stupid to elbow someone that hard in the head.

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Suspended Stupid Idiot. That’s not the best angle. It was blatant, flagrant and fully intentional.

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In the slo-mo, I didn’t see him even look at Harden to make his a target. Having seen enough sportsmen making savage gestures after a play, I think it was an accident. The second clip is even more innocent.

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