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If Mitt Romney is our next President what will be our main criticism if any?

Asked by Aster (20007points) April 22nd, 2012

Seems like Presidents can’t get no respect anymore. If Romney is elected what will the American people question about him more than anything else?

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”..can’t get no respect anymore…”

The typical American will vote first and learn about him later.

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His citizenship.

See his dad, George (who, in 1968, also ran for president) was born in Mexico. He also started and led a very active Mormon community in Mexico.

So while Mitt claims to be born in the US, his birth certificate is clearly a forgery.

Far left liberals will badger him incessantly to produce his real birth certificate while whispering to each other, “He’s really Mexicano”


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His honesty, or rather, lack thereof.

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His Mormon faith , I think, will be a continual source of jokes. Poor guy.

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“I think, will be a continual source of jokes.”

That may turn out to be a good thing for him. Maybe he’ll learn to think instead of believe.

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@Aster: “Seems like Presidents can’t get no respect anymore.”

The “anymore” part caught my attention. What time periods or presidencies are we comparing? And do you feel that being president should come with some unjustified reservoir of respect that would not be allotted to your neighbor?

@Aster: “If Mitt Romney is our next President what will be our main criticism if any?”

That he leads a nation of f*cking imbeciles who would vote for him in the first place. “Mitt, Leader of F*cktards”

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That he is a complete sociopath, totally lacking in empathy with anyone who lives in the real world.

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That Mormanism might be considered a genuine religion and not a ridiculous cult.

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I think leaving taxes low on the rich, and probably he will keep them low in general, not just on the rich. I’m pissed at Obama for not letting the Bush tax cuts expire, and I will pissed at Romney too when he keeps thngs status quo or worse.

I don’t think his personal religion will be a huge issue. Him being controlled by the religious right of Republican party will be an issue.

@Charles In the past he has been thoughtful about reiligion and poltics. He was pro-choice, and liberal on some other issues like many Massachusettes, and other northern Republicans are. The biggest fear of the right wing is Romney will revert back to his more independent moderate ways.

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