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What do we do with Justin Bieber?

Asked by dannybrown (78points) April 22nd, 2012

In the last two years. More people have been hospitalized because of Justin Bieber. Okay, all be it not directly from him but as result of: depression, insecurity and suicide. Maybe he’s actually doing more harm than he is good? He may make little girls happy but he is giving them false hope of males (nobody is like him in real life – sorry but it’s true) and he is giving, us guys, much higher standards to live up to.. all in all he is holding us all back. I know he’s just a kid and probably means no harm. This a light-hearted question but, in all seriousness, what do you think of the Bieber Fever?

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Find a way to capitalize on him. Sell JB T-Shirts to gullible little teeny boppers.

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Force him to become a gay porn star.

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Sometimes these teen stars develop into quite excellent musicians, for example Michael Jackson.
If you are seriously threatened by Justin Biebers testosterone, you might make sure those tic tacs you’re popping ain’t estrogen.

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Nothing. These things will always happen; it’s a part of our culture.

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Ensure that that the ‘poor’ kid has a well-balanced life and a really good therapist. How any person, much less a teen, can survive what he is going through is a mystery. Let’s hope that the right people help him build a strong foundation despite all of the adoration and ridicule thrust upon him.

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I don’t think we need to “do” anything about him. I don’t see how he’s different than any other male actor/singer/etc. that people think are attractive. Eventually, the “Bieber Fever” will pass and some other guy will became the object of of teenage girl obsession.

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The latest travesty is the Kiss Camera. He kisses into the camera and 2 million girls kiss him back. It’s really sick.

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Give him a good education (musical and otherwise) so that when his voice changes/popularity fades, he can press on through and manage himself.

Everyone else, pick up your game. Or get a wig.

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Since he turned 18 this March we can do whatever we want, legally, just so long as it’s consensual.

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Nothing new. We’ve seen it with New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, some Hispanic guy, probably even Twilight.
It’s sad that a lot of entertainment becomes someone’s actual idea of the real world, and our society doesn’t help this at all. But people have to smarten up and check out the reality around them. Lady Gaga actually looks like an old purse without her makeup, and pornography isn’t actually what sex is like.
The influence is all around us and it hits hard, but there’s a reality one should learn to see, and accept, before it decides to hit.

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I like the kid. Not his music, not his look, but hey I’m old. He seems nice enough, doesn’t seem to be getting into any seriously bad behaviors. He is just another teen star, I don’t have any problem with him. I can’t imagine girls are literally killing themselves or comparing him to other guys theur age who are right there in front of them at school and in their neughborhoods? If so they have some problems that are not going to be solved by getting rid of Bieber.

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Suicide has been happening since humans existed— If it’s not because of Bieber, It will be because of something else. In the 80’s, it was Ozzy’s fault.

This is my favorite result of the Bieber Fever

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”...he is giving, us guys, much higher standards to live up to.. all in all he is holding us all back.”

You could easily surpass that standard by getting into a Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe groove. ;-)

When I was in high school the Beatles “set” our imaginary standards.
One weekend in 1965 I faked an English accent. It worked great until the novelty wore off and I had to rely on my actual personality, which was the paradigm for social ineptitude.

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If you’re a guy who can’t match the Bieber standard, then I’m sorry, but you’re a pathetic excuse for a man. It’s easy to be nice.

Just grow long hair.

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Place him naked in a darkened room with a drunken sailor & a shit load of “mood music”

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Nothing. It will pass.

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Substitute his name for ‘drunken sailor’ in the sea shanty referenced above by @ucme

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We do nothing. He is a singing star who has had some success.

Not his fault if some ditzy teeny boppers go nuts.

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What? Can you cite evidence, please?

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Put him in bed with a drunken sailor
Earlie in the morning.

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Cut his belly open with a rusty razor,
early in the mernin’.

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Shove a massive dildo up his anus
Hear him yell like those boxing trainers
Earlie in de morrrnin.

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