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Do you personally know anyone who has been murdered or murdered someone?

Asked by Charles (4815points) April 22nd, 2012

Like a friend, family member, close acquaintance, colleague.etc?

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I am a murderer. I have murdered many an insect, some after torturing them.

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A girl I went to high school with (a casual friend 15 years ago) was murdered by her ex.

A dear friend of mine from the same period was murdered by a drunk driver.

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No. but..I have lived in several areas where close neighbors have been murdered. The first was when I was 18 and the serial killer Richard Trenton Chase The Vampire killer of Sacramento slaughtered an entire family including 2 and 6 yr. old children just 10 houses down from me. Super scary. I lived alone and was terrified for weeks til he was apprehended.

The second was in 2002 when a neighbor I used to casually chat with over her beautiful gardens was murdered by her 17 yr. old son when he beat her to death with a shovel after refusing him the family car! 0.o

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Yes, I personally knew a young man who was murdered simply because he was gay.

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That is one experience of life I am happy to report I haven’t had.

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My dad’s cousin was beaten and raped in Boston and later died from her injuries. I was young at the time, and though I met Louise, I do not remember her.

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@ragingloli Well, that’s something to be proud of, thanks for sharing, bug karma, may you be consumed by a thousand dung beetles.

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I know two people who’ve killed and got away with it. Both gang related and I don’t have any information other than knowing of their admission to another person.

I also knew a woman in SD who was killed, dismembered and found in 3 different landfills. Right before she was killed, a former student of mine was with her and was almost the second victim. I couldn’t sleep for quite a while.

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Is that all you want to know?

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A neighbor from many, many years ago; was a member of the Charles Manson family in 1969.

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In the 1980’s had an associate from work, thrown in front of a bus when he tried to defend a woman from her boy friend. He died a few days later.

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@wundayatta Oh, don’t be coy now…yes, we want to know, sans the gory details. lol

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@Coloma I’m annoyed, not coy. I hate it when people ask poll questions that hint they want more, but don’t say what they want.

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@wundayatta Oh, well…seems to me that asking implies an expectation of a story, but whatever…

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Yep. My stepbrother. Killed a man in cold blood in front of a bunch of witnesses. No doubt about what happened. And he rolled on some drug dealer friends in order to get a 3 year sentence and a manslaughter charge.

Shows the priorities in the criminal justice system, eh?

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Sadly, yes. One of my friends from elementary school, along with the rest of his family, was killed by his father in a murder-suicide case on Thanksgiving of 2007. It was devastating.

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A good friend of mine was murdered eight months ago, by his father.
And a man I know shot and killed his wife.

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Yes. A girl I went to school with since 6th grade. I wasn’t close friends with her, but I had hung out with her a few times. She had friends who lived in the ghetto and one night she was in a car with her friend and she was fatally shot. The shooter was aiming for her friend, of course, who was caught up in gang activity.

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No, at least, not that I know of…..dun, dun, duh!

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Yes, for both.
My best friend’s step father murdered her mother (when I was about 10 I believe). The man is in prison.
My ex step father murdered someone in a bar fight (he got away with it though).
I knew a young child that was murdered as well (I was there – no it wasn’t me).
I’ve known a few gang members (when I was a teen) that said they’d killed others ..don’t know if that was ever true though.

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My brother-in-law murdered his father. This was back before I knew my (future) husband.

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I can’t believe I forgot I know someone else who was murdered – a girl I was dorm-neighbors and friendly acquaintance with was murdered while on a college trip in Belize.

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Aside from the case @mangeons mentions above, I have a few others. A good friend’s mother killed his (abusive) father. More of an act of self- or child-defense, though, in my opinion. A co-worker’s son was mugged, beaten and in a coma for a long time before he eventually died from his injuries. And the eeriest one, my ex-husband’s childhood friend turned out to be a serial killer. He’d been in my house, and I’d met him several times, before we found this out.

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A girl I knew in high school (one grade younger than I) murdered a man a year or two ago.

I didn’t really know her that well though.

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