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Can you describe a house you have seen and really liked?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) April 23rd, 2012

Where was it and what did you like about it. Was it the location, the layout of the building or the view. Is it the house you are living in now?

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I have liked many of my houses, but my favorite house is in my mind. It has a huge screened in back patio, preferbly with a pool. Three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and decent sized closets. A large living area, no need for a formal living room. A 5 car garage for my husband. A guest house with a small living space, little kitchen, full bathroom, and bedroom. The main house is about 3,000–3,200 living space, and the guess house around 600–700

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I like the white house, it’s a pub near me, not the gaffe where presidents hang out.

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No, it’s not a house I am living in or have lived in.
It was in Brooklyn, in my sister’s friend’s neighborhood. It was a row home, but it was so beautiful. It was made of white stone, and had French windows and doors. It had a balcony on the second floor. It had old Boston-style lanterns for the door lights. It wasn’t big (which I like).
It was a city house. It wasn’t like your classic Brooklyn brownstone, but it was still characteristic of the borough. It looked old-timish and modern at the same time. It had a tiny yard in front and in back (you know how row homes are) and it had a black, wrought iron gate.
I loved everything about the house, but most of all its location.

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I saw an old barn that had been converted into a home. That was pretty adorable.

But even better was the “Hobbit Hole” down the road from my uncle’s place in Kentucky. Round door and everything, built right into the side of the hill. I imagine their power bills are incredibly low.

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I plan to build and live in a tiny house eventually. But the best house ever has got to be the Horace Cathedral. I am not living there now.

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I like lake houses. I like them with big windows and big views, but I also like them with lots of wood and rusticity. I like the lakes to have trees up to the edge, and the lakes to be big enough to do some decent sailing on and to have interesting places to explore.

Glass and rusticity. I wonder what these architects would do with that?

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Here’s one I like. I love the sea views, the spaciousness and the isolation. It is for sale at the moment but it is a bit expensive.

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A house in our current neighborhood is my favorite so far. It’s got an enclosed patio/entry courtyard with a heavy wood door and gorgeous bouganvilla growing on the outside whitewash walls. Inside the house is open, clean and a bit modern with soft but warm tones wall colors, dark slate tile and warm woods. It feels peaceful, cool but welcoming- nothing flashy, nothing “themed”, just a space you could make your own no matter who you are.

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There is a lot I like about the place I live now. It’s a one-bedroom two-full bath apartment with about 1500 square feet, with an office for me and an office for her, just right for two creative people. If I hadn’t been living here for well over 20 years I couldn’t afford it. The living room has an eleven foot ceiling and four seven-foot tall four-foot wide windows that face a river.

Olana is quite lovely and I’d live there, yep!

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There was a kid in Moscow, Idaho, I hung out with whose family owned a local department store. Only this kid, his sister and his uncle lived in this house.
The (maybe 5000 sq. ft., not counting basement) house may have sat on ½ of a city block. A two-story house, it may have also had a full basement. The rooms on the first floor were huge and expansive! A broad central stairway led upstairs where along the hallway were maybe 5 or 6 rooms per side.
This may be why I sometimes have dreams of living in a VERY (!!!) large house!

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In the 30’s and 40’s there was a famous architect who lived around here and he designed a great many of the older homes in this town. This place is chock full of gorgeous homes.

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