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Breakfast question: Do you eat at home or on your way to school/work etc?

Asked by ucme (45367points) April 23rd, 2012

I mean, actually sat around a table with the family or grab something a little later?

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During the week, I eat breakfast at my desk once I arrive at work. My digestive system isn’t keen on firing up first thing in the morning, so I have to put a little time between waking up and filling up.

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I eat at home, but not usually with my family. My husband eats on the way to work, my kids grab something quick at home before heading to school and I usually eat a small quick breakfast before anyone else is up.

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No breakfast for me.
Just one or two coffees.
Maybe one Mars bar.

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Would’ve been nice if just once, i’d had a girlfriend named Tiffany & we woke up at her place &........yeah, we know where this is going!

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I eat at work. I stop by a place and get something.

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During the week, my dad makes me scrambled eggs every morning and I sit at the table for a couple minutes to eat them with a glass of water. On the weekends, I usually just grab something when I get up and eat wherever.

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Depends on how much I overslept

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I don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast so I suck it down while commuting to work each morning. It is a kind of a sludge made from raw oats, Wheaties, non-fat milk and whey protein powder that I prepare the previous evening.

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I always eat breakfast, and make sure I have time for it, regardless of whether I overslept or not. It’s not good for my body if I skip or postpone breakfast.

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Usually not until I get to work. Sometimes on the way.

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I prefer to eat at home so that I know what I’m eating.

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I eat when I arrive at work, in the canteen, with colleagues. Everyone in the family gets up and leaves at different times so we’d never be able to eat breakfast together anyway.

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I rarely eat breakfast but, if when I do, it’s usually at work and from our cafe.

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I never have breakfast.

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