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Any good job opportunities to work on a farm/outdoors in California during the summer?

Asked by lanahopple (455points) April 23rd, 2012

I want to work on a farm or in the outdoors this summer.
-handy work
Is there anywhere in California or Oregon that offers this and is still hiring 17+ years olds for this summer?

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Check out the WWOOF website. Here are 254 places in Cali…
It’s a worldwide organization, so next year you could work in, say, Italy.

Edit: Ooh. I just saw that you’re not yet 18, which is a WWOOF requirement. Perhaps contact one of the local farms anyway and see if you could work, but just not as a WWOOFer this year.

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@lanahopple, see if this looks like anything that would interest you:

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Just realize, you’d be competing with every destitute illegal alien who would otherwise be starving. It’s not slave labor but it is close.

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Sure, you can move into my barn in the Sierra foothills. Head goosekeeper. lol :-)

Do you have horse experience? Check with local boarding facilities and see if they need any stall cleaners, groomers, exercisers. What about farm animal rescues? It may be volunteer only but we have a huge local horse rescue that always needs help, spending time with the horses, feeding, cleaning, grooming and just handling for those that need some extra TLC or basic ground manners training.

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California is going broke.

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There’ll be jobs going around, just keep a close eye on your local job recruitment services and sites like Gumtree. Remember to stay on top of it as generally your window of opportunity to get an interview is the 24 hours in which the advert has been posted. What’s equally important to consider is what experience you have in farm work and how you can ‘sell it’; getting a job without relevant experience is like fishing without bait, you’ll get lucky once in a while but other fishermen are going to have a major advantage.

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