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Aluminum foil for pain relief?

Asked by bewailknot (2894points) April 23rd, 2012

A coworker told me she was using strips of aluminum foil taped around her fingers to relieve pain. She sleeps with it on, and if you get it wet you have to replace it. She had a chart of a hand and the places on the body affected by the foil, like the end of the thumb affects the foot, the middle finger affects the head.

Has anyone tried this?

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No, I haven’t heard of this. What kind of pain is this supposed to relieve? Does she think it is working for her? How would this get wet in the bed other than from bed wetting?

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chyna – Getting wet like if you got up to get a drink of water and got your hand wet. I guess the getting wet was more of a problem if she tried to do it during the day. She uses it for arthritis pain, post-op pain and headaches. She does think it works; she did it on another coworker with a stiff neck who felt immediate relief.

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I haven’t tried it nor have I heard of it. It sounds more like a superstitious/placebo effect kind of thing to me.

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No, what really works is a poultice of ground chicken livers wrapped in seaweed and then soaked in mulled wine.

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Sounds like something that would have penetrated her aluminum foil helmet!

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I’ve heard that chewing on tinfoil can relieve pain but never anything about wearing it.

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Well, if laughter is good for a person you all are making me very healthy.

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@bewailknot . . . Happy is always healthy. Welcome.

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Not aluminum foil, but copper. I have heard of people wearing copper bracelets to relieve arthritis pain. It isn’t anything new.

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Will keep cosmic rays and the little frog men from stealing your coffee and crumpets or give you a sunburn.

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Laughter is the best medicine. :-D

Hey, I have a book on african drumming and did you know that to become a master drummer you must soak your sticks in the blood of a freshly killed cock and then put them under your pillow, you will then have the spirits of the master drummers guide you in rhythm.

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NO NO NO and NO.

In my house, aluminum foil is only used in the kitchen for cooking food, not fingers.

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…and to wrap around the rabbit ears for better television reception, @john65pennington.

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I have a friend who won’t eat anything that’s been cooked in an aluminum pot. I’m not sure the exact reasoning, other than it causes some kind of sickness. Maybe she thought it was related to alzheimers or something.

I have also heard of aluminum foil hats being worn by mentally ill people in order to keep the aliens or HAARP or the CIA or some super secret agency from stealing their thoughts.

However, I have not heard of it being used for pain relief. I wonder what the theory is behind it.

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@wundayatta – it is something similar to acupuncture, a theory that there is an acupuncture point on the hand that corresponds to an area on the body.

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I find this to relieve pain.

I grab Milo, and we waltz wildly around the room.

He dons this outfit.

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No, your friend had it wrong. You have to shape the aluminum foil into a hat and put it on your head.

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It eases the pain of a turkey in the oven, kind of like sunblock…...only not.

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I suspect it works about as well as acupuncture – whatever you think about that. Although I can see how it would help if you apply the foil to the actual painful part, as it retains heat. So maybe it would work for arthritic finger joints?

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Hey if it gives this person relief, it doesn’t much matter whether it is a placebo or you all find it laughable, I’d keep doing it. Actually I might give it a try right this minute, I have an achy knee!
@wundayatta – there is a theory that one of the reasons for the increase in dementia cases is the prolific use of aluminum cans and cooking utensils. I haven’t read anything definitive though.

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She can put Aluminum foil on her head to keep the martians from reading her mind…

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