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What did you do to celebrate Earth Day yesterday?

Asked by Coloma (47125points) April 23rd, 2012

I live in a big nature zone and am passionate about our planet. Did you celebrate Earth day? Attend any special community events, support any conservation causes? Right now I am tolerating the first mosquito of the season buzzing around my head and have abandoned my hot tub in favor of a pair of mating Pacific tree Frogs. I also support my local “Friends of the river” and participate in keeping our river and trails clean and beautiful. What about you?

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I sat and watched my wife cut the grass. She loves to cut grass, so I sit and observe to make sure she is okay.

In observation of Earth Day, we did feed and water our favorite birds, the Cardinals.

We also picked up some trash that had blown into our yard.

And, we both wore green all day in observance.

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I locked myself in the art studio and painted for six hours.

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I participated in the exploitation of dead animals for profit, then did not use my usual harsh chemicals on the ovens. But only because I ran out.

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I didn’t even realize it was earth day. But my footprint is pretty low. I don’t drive and the only things that are usually on in my room are a computer, lightbulb, and fan. And my weekly garbage fits in a plastic bag from 7/11.

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I din’t do much of nuthin’ as it was raining really hard all day. I was grateful for the rain, though, since we hadn’t had any precipitation in a couple of months. The day before I did my annual shifting of the compost underneath my deck. I was, quite literally, covered with earth—freshly made compost. I dug out two and a half trash barrels of the finest black gold I know how to make, and spent a barrel of it on the flowers. I may use the rest to try to build up the lawn.

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Oh right, Earth Day! Woops…

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@wundayatta Cool, black gold. :-)
@john65pennington Yay Cardinals, and watching your wife mow, nice. lol
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Painting the next wildlife stamp ey ? Must be the wild human girl. lol
@Nullo No easy off for you.
@johnpowell No driving, you be the winner!
@Keep_on_running Well…start today, better late than never.

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@Coloma Dunno about that; I had the next three days off. Pretty easy. XD

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I smoked some pork ribs on the grill, put marble chips down on my driveway, staked out the area for my new firepit and deck, mowed the yard and dug out a small stump.

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@Coloma not quite, but I did put a protective clearcoat on this portrait I finished recently. The rest of my time was spent working on a painting of a sunset in a subdivision.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Excellent self portrait, and the face shading is superb, superbly superb! :-)

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@Coloma lol that’s not a self portrait… it’s one of my kayaker friend! To your credit, she and I have been told we look alike several times.

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I hand pollinated our fruit trees with a paint brush. Our honey bee hive died last year from Colony Collapse Disorder.

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@gondwanalon Oh bummer about your hive. Have you seen “The vanishing of the bees” and the connection between long term exposure to systemic pesticides and CCD? Tragic it is.

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I spray painted the lawn high gloss green.

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Now I know yesterday was Earth Day.
May be next time, I’ll celebrate.

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Watched and photographed the sun coming up and going down. I also watched swans, pelicans and other water birds and spent time watching the ocean rolling in and out. Really just celebrating the beauty of the world we live in.

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We took our dog to the local river that runs through our city – went for a nice walk and tiny picnic. When we came home, we sat outside and had a fire in the backyard.

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I went to EPCOT and saw The Turtles, which by the way was fantastic. While waiting on our friends, we toured a nice outdoor pavillion and picked up free wild flower seeds.

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We, a group of parents and students and I, cleaned up, planted trees at, and seeded and fertilized the lawns at our local elementary/middle school.

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@Charles That’s great, I did that with my daughter once too. There can never be too many trees.
@bkcunningham Lucky you!
@Plucky Picnics and nature walks rock!

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Drove a diesel truck in circles for 30 miles, burned a giant pile of tires, chopped down a 90-year-old tree and collected all of my neighborhood recyclables and threw them in the dumpster.

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@gambitking May the pollution gods dissolve you with acid rain. lol

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