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Do you have something to hide in real life that you don't hide here?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) April 24th, 2012

Why do you feel a need to hide it in real life? What is it about fluther that allows you to talk about it here?

Are there things you hide both in real life and here? If so, what are you afraid might happen if someone were to find out?

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My sarcasm?

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I still hide my atheism and liberalism to some degree, because I’m in the military and people tend to be conservative, if not apathetic. I’m just afraid of someone inaccurately judging me. And I guess that’s why I hide my opinions in general, I have to know someone is sane enough beforehand so they don’t judge me harshly.

I had an army coworker defriend me because it says I’m liberal on facebook. She said “You probably watch the daily show, too….” Lol wtf?

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My impeccable brilliance in all things.

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Nope, not a thing. The only thing I might be discreet about sharing with certain others is using a little marijuana on occasion. I’ve cracked enough jokes about enjoying my “Happy Brownies” that it is no secret, here nor in my real life. Sooo…I might not choose to share this fact in a certain circumstance, but I have yet to have that circumstance arise. Otherwise, what you see is what you get, no skeletons in my closet.

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I’m going to say no. I, like @Blackberry, don’t tell people I am an atheist where I live now, but I only “hide” that when I live in the south, never anywhere else, so most people who know me know it. Even among my closest friends here, if it came up, I would not lie, but I have never had someone ask me if I believe in God directly here.

As far as personal struggles or regret, there are things I don’t anounce or share with everyone, but they are not secrets, I would just describe them as private matters. I have shared them here on flutherm and the people closest to me know many of the things that would fall into that category. I am not worried about being judged, It’s more about people don’t want to hear all the crap we deal with.

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I don’t really hide anything in real life that I let out here. I don’t really hide much here that I let out in real life. There are many intensely personal things that I don’t share at large either place. I share them mostly with my husband and and/or my sister. No one else online or in person.

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I’m also Batman.

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There is nothing I share on Fluther (or anywhere else) that my SO and closest friends don’t know about, but there are things I share here that I don’t share with people who are not close to me in RL.

There’s one thing that I don’t share anywhere, and the reason I don’t share it is because it’s an embarrassing medical issue. Though if a question cropped up that was related to it, I might PM the asker if I thought my experience might help.

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My beard.
I am very secretive about my facial hair in real life.

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Yes – my drug use. I have no qualms sharing about it on here if I think it’s pertinent – but in RL, you’d never be able to tell I’m even a pothead (not to mention all the other beautiful chemicals) by looking at me or my apartment. I feel a need to hide it in real life because it is illegal and widely stigmatized. I don’t mind talking about it on Fluther because the negative opinion of Flutherites does not affect me materially, plus it doesn’t seem like the stigma is as great on Fluther as it is in the general population. I also conceal that I have IBS in life, most of the time, because if my friends said “Hi, how are you?” and I answered “In pain, thanks” all the time, I’d feel like a perpetual party pooper. But I don’t think that sort of social awkwardness is possible in the Fluther-setting.

There is one thing I hide on both Fluther and in RL. I’ve been thinking about sharing; gotta work up the nerve. I think I’m afraid of breaking the habit of being secretive about it, mostly.

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Yes. A few actually. I don’t have the need to hide my “issues” online, because no one really knows me. Of course, modesty is always a necessity when talking with people whom you don’t know face to face, but to a certain extent, it’s nice to be able to talk about things going on with me without worrying about getting in trouble or being judged by the people who I spend everyday with. It doesn’t matter to me what people think about online, but it does matter what people close to me think.

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@wildpotato That’s one thing about parts of the marijuana culture that give it a bad name: the people that want to act like cheech and chong, lol.

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@Blackberry Agreed, The Cheech & Chong stereotype is so offensive, of course it is NOT a good idea to imbibe if you are already developmentally disabled. lol

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@Coloma i.e Jim Brewer. Lol.

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There are things I hide in real life.. that I will say here..

But there are also things that I hide on both. I guess I just “hide” (more so, just never bringing it up) it in both because I’d just rather not talk about it.. or even elaborate.

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There are certain things certain people in real life don’t know about me that I share on Fluther (political views, marijuana use, bisexuality, my open relationship status, and the fact that I’m a bit crazy =)) On the other hand, I tend to keep my relationship issues from Fluther. Lately, that’s been a non-issue. I don’t mind sharing information about myself with people who I know won’t judge me. A very small group of people know most things about me, and some things I don’t tell anyone.

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Not really. If this changes though, can I reserve the right to come back here and tell some secrets?

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No, @Bluefreedom. You may only tell secrets here that you also share in the rest of fluther. I will not have people outing themselves here.

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Maltesers, you guys can’t pilfer any, mainly because you live far, far away & therefore are unable to reach into the box.

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Not exactly. It’s more that I have components of my identity that I do not offer up front when I introduce myself to people. If they ask me directly, I’ll give them a straightforward answer, but usually I keep that on a need-to-know basis.

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I’m not hiding anything, but not many of the questions I’ve answered here come up in conversations with my friends and acquaintances. That’s one of the reasons I come here.

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I can’t think of anything I discuss here and hide in my real life.

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Dead bodies. I mean…

Nah, not anything, but I am a lot more open and talkative on here. I guess that’s kind of the purpose, but I wouldn’t say I’m hiding things in real life. Just not all that good in social situations.

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I’m a closet liberal. I come here for company and acceptance.

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Nope. About the only people I ‘hide’ anything from are my in-laws. Even then, it’s not really hiding, it just doesn’t come up that I’m a liberal atheist heathen, you know? Oh! I do hide some of my sex-related answers here, under an alter identity, because my kids are here. So, I guess I hide that stuff from them in real life, but share it here, just not as augustlan.

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@augustlan Wouldn’t it be ironic if they did the same thing?

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It would! And, I’d appreciate it if they did. :)

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I don’t share stuff about myself with just anybody. I don’t consider that to be hiding, and the same holds true here. There’s is a lot I haven’t shared for lots of reasons; the subject hasn’t come up, it would take too long to fully explain, it’s nobody’s business, etc.
Meh… I also don’t expect people to give a rat’s ass.

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Nope. I try to be me everywhere I go.

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No, and I don’t hide how I feel about most topics from people that I come across in my daily life either.

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As a young boy, nearly one hundred years ago, I stole candy from my sister. I have never told anyone, until now. I’m sure she’s forgiven me by now. Sorry, sis!

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