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What's a suitable occupation for someone with the following interests?

Asked by letmeknow17 (97points) April 24th, 2012

I want to brainstorm some jobs that would suit someone who has interest in how medicine works, i.e how it combats diseases and other pathogens, how diseases work, and different types of syndromes. Something that involves hands on work would be ideal. Would Dentistry be a good candidate?

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I was thinking biology or biochemistry.

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@marinelife Those are subjects, not occupations!

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@letmeknow17: Not true. Many people work as biologists or biochemists. I have friends who are both.

How about a pharmacist?

and you might want to holster that exclamation point.

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@cprevite Biology is a vague answer when someone is asking for occupations.

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If lab work fits your idea of “hands on” work, then it sounds like pathology might be a good field for you.

I have an acquaintance who’s a pathologist. He says it’s a good branch of medicine for people who aren’t very sociable. As he put it, “I prefer to see my patients on a microscope slide”

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Whoahw, what an attitude (towards a well respected, long term member).

Psychologist for example:research on placebo effect.

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Oh, now you’re talking. You may want to look into being a pathologist. I second what @thorninmud said. I wouldn’t call dentistry a good example if you want to see a good variety of illnesses caused by a wide variety of spores, viruses, bacteria or parasites.

Studying pathology, you can deal with just dead people as well, searching for cause of death, or just doing research on a particular disease. If I ever went back to school and did my science degree, and had the chance to carry on after the initial biology/organic chemistry work, I would defiantly be interested in this field of study myself.

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Actually, with your personality, pathologist might be the best choice. Dead people are all you are fit to work with.

Monster right now lists 75 jobs for “biologist”. It is an occupation. There are all sorts of sub fields, but that is sort of up to you.

Molecular biologist
Agricultural biologist
Environmental biology


I am afraid that your ignorance is showing.

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On most of the free online Myers Briggs tests, you will get career paths indicated for your personality type at the end of the test.

I agree ^with @marinelife. Something where you won’t need to speak to living people looks like the better path for you @letmeknow17.

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Consider working in one of several branches of epidemiology. I worked in genetic epidemiology and later on the factors contributing to autoimmune diseases.

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I’m an electronics engineer, I don’t do squishy stuff but the description of your interests make me think that you would enjoy nursing. You get to help people cure disease and even help to develop new procedures and protocols and you get to have your fill of the squishy stuff.

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There was a talk, recently, on NPR, with an epidemiologist of some note. I will see if I can find it….

Wow, there are LOADS of talks on NPR and Science Friday with epidemiologists.

Just for starters. No reading..just listen. I <3 NPR.

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