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Do you have any suggestions for an excellent girls' night?

Asked by nikipedia (27454points) April 24th, 2012

I have the house to myself for an upcoming weekend. I am thinking I should host a girls’ night for some friends, but am not sure what to include. We could do a night in with trashy movies and fizzy wine and delivery, or I could cook a nice dinner for everyone, or there are plenty of great bars and restaurants within walking distance of my house.

What do you think? When you think of a fun girls’ night, what sounds the best to you? Do you have movie, music, or other activity suggestions?

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Sounds good to me. Girl party sleepover, have everyone bring some sort of snack or dish for a late night party potluck, walk to the bars, have a few, come back to the house, have a few more, eat, drink, dance, be merry. Personally I wouldn’t go for movies, if I have a few drinks I want to keep the momentum going and watching a movie would put me to sleep.

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Do multiple things: pre-game and eat pizza at the house, maybe watch a movie. Then, go out to the bars.

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Best Drunk Munchies contest.

1) Everyone brings over what they think is the best thing to eat while you’re drunk.
2) Go out to bars.
3) Get drunk.
4) Come back to your place.
5) Pig out.
6) Drunk voting.

7) (OPTIONAL) Drunk people design crown or trophy for the winner.

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Secret Santa Stylist.

Regular night out at restaurant, theatre and/or bar. Except you draw names and get to choose what they wear for the evening out.

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Restaurant Potluck/Tapas.

Potluck without actual cooking. Everyone picks up their favorite dish or appetizer.

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1) Dinner, in.
2) Drinks, out.
3) Good times.

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If you decide to do a movie, I recommend this one.

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Drinks (I’m partial to prosecco or margaritas), delivery, and Plan 9 From Outer Space.

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How long has it been since you played Truth or Dare? If it’s been years, it might be fun. Charades is always fun, particularly if you use more adult subjects.

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Chocolate cake, Icecream, sundaes with the works, milkshakes. All the bad stuff you deny yourselves most of the week.
Pina coladas or wine
Sappy movies or heart wrenching chick flicks.
Going out to shop.
Do a face masks on everyone and then drink and eat junk and watch a sad movie. By the end you will all look like one giant mess and probably won’t be able to stop laughing.

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