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"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear". What else could be written on mirrors?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) April 24th, 2012

The ”Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” line can be found on exterior rear-view mirrors on cars and motorbikes to warn the driver.
What other lines be they funny, lame, or serious can you imagine being written on whatever kind of mirrors?

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Objects as they appear in the mirror are the reverse of how they would appear if you were to actually look at them. But don’t look at them directly. You might turn into stone.

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When I look in the mirror a message appears which reads “Caution: Objects in the mirror are uglier than they appear.”

I’m so ugly, when I walk by the mens room, all the toilets flush.
I’m so ugly, when I went for my prostate exam, the doctor stuck his finger in my mouth.

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“You still look the same no matter how many time you keep coming back.”

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How about “LOOK OUT!!!”?

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“Objects in the mirror feel younger than they appear”.

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“Objects in the mirror feel younger than they appear”.

“Objects in the mirror look younger than they appear”. would be true.

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Caution: this object can start a fire if used improperly.

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Yoo-hoo, why hello there gorgeous!
This is my attempt at an answer & is in no way intended as a flirting mechanism toward any jelly, living or departed….I thank you.

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Object in the mirror is not as old as it appears.

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Yep, the boulders around a fountain in a restaurant parking lot last summer WERE closer than they appeared. Good thing my bumper is forgiving. THUNK!

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Objects in the mirror are not real.

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For the last time: Snow White.

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“Pay no attention to the screaming soccer mom in the mini-van behind you.”

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“Keep your eyes on the road asshole”

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Omg! Zombies!

Objects in the mirror may be dumber than they appear.

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“Hi, sweetie!” wink, wink

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‘You missed a spot’

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There’s the old Garry Shandling joke; the mirror on his ceiling says “Objects in the mirror are larger than they appear.”

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WARNING, FOO; dun be smashin yo face in here.

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“If you’re reading this you’re fucking up…big time.

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No object in the mirror means you’re a vampire.

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I look better to myself in the mirror then I do in my pictures.

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@Paradox25 That’s interesting. You like yourself reverse-wise.

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Don’t look, the dude behind you is picking his nose.

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Oh, man, I looked. Eew.

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Don’t worry, No one will notice.

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