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Should bacon be excluded in competitive cooking shows?

Asked by Nimis (13245points) April 24th, 2012 from iPhone

Seriously. Slap some bacon on it and you’ve got a happy judge. (Almost) everything tastes good with bacon. Shouldn’t that be considered borderline cheaterfication? Tastebud bribery?

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All is fair, except cheating, but bacon is an actual food. If you had a competition where people were forced to use bacon, that would force the judges to use more skill instead of bacon as an automatic win.

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Bacon should be banned in general.

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Competitive cooking shows should be excluded, they stink the place out.

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I’m still working on bacon-flavored ice cream.

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I watch a lot of cooking shows like Top Chef, Top Chef Canada, Chopped, Masterchef AU, and Masterchef NZ.

And adding bacon is a pretty common theme. People say shit like, “This is bland, I will add bacon.”

I’m all for eliminating bacon from the competitions.

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Hopefully they’re looking for craftsmanship and creativity, not just fat and salt. Fatty, salty food is very popular- that’s why people love fast food- but a great meal has a balance of interesting flavors and textures. Banning an ingredient won’t make anyone judge better.

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I think it should be allowed, but the judges should grade on the creativity involved in the whole dish. If they just plop a piece of bacon on top of a savory dish, then they should be downgraded, but if they happen to come up with something really new and delicious, then they should be upgraded for that.

If a chef is able to use bacon in a new way (that tastes good) and not just use it as a garnish, then they should be rewarded for that.

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