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How often do you wear sunglasses?

Asked by Plucky (10282points) April 25th, 2012

Curious how often others wear sunglasses (prescription sunglasses as well).

I wear them every time I leave the house (during daylight). I even wear them in some stores. My eyes are quite sensitive to light. My sunglasses are thick dark ones that cover the sides as well (an older, darker, version of Solar Shield Fit Over – I don’t wear eyeglasses though).

They are so important to me that I have an extra pair in our vehicle and our camping gear, just in case the ones I’m wearing fly away or something.

If you do wear them, how often and what type (dark/light/stylish) do you wear?

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Every day and most of the time when I am outside. Never used to but I had eye surgery that has left me a bit more light sensitive. I forget I am wearing them sometimes and find myself walking around inside with them on!

I wear Ray-Bans but I also have another pair in the car which are a designer brand. Can’t remember which brand. They both have prescription lenses in them. I can drive without specs but I prefer the slightly sharper vision my prescription specs give me.

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I live in england town, i’ve worn mine maybe half a dozen times over the past 2 summers & 3 of those I was being sarcastic.

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I can’t ever remember wearing or needing them.

And I wear glasses 99% of the time I am awake.

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Mine clip on to my glasses. The last time they were worn was while on vacation in a very sunny location.

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I have sun glasses that clip onto my regular glasses. I was never serious about wearing them until my mom was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. Just like you can get skin cancer from not wearing protective clothing or sun block, you can get eye cancer from not wearing sun glasses (this is a relatively new concern doctors are just becoming aware of). My mom is in her early 70s and, gratefully, her optometrist noticed what looked like a freckle (its called a nevus) and sent her for additional testing, so we caught it early.

Last Easter weekend, she went into the hospital on a Thursday and they did a surgery where they put a radioactive plaque (looks like a little gold shield) on her eye. It remained on the eye until Monday when she had surgery to remove it. The entire time she had it on her eye, she had to wear a lead shield over the eye (to protect everyone else), so she looked like she had half of her face duct taped.

For several months after removing the plaque, she had double vision. We go back and see the opthalmologist about every 3 months and, gratefully, the tumor is getting smaller. It has affected her vision, but I am really grateful that this happened to her in this decade as the old solution to this problem is removal of the eye. This cutting edge surgery has preserved her vision.


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Almost every day and they are prescription, I have dark gray side-shields. Father and two other relatives have had eye problems caused by UV light, yes these block UVA and UVB.

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I got prescription sunglasses for the first time about 5 years ago and often don’t remember to switch to them. I probably wear them about ¼ of the time I am outside in the summer, ½ of the time when I am in Florida and rarely during the winter although I walk a lot.

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I haven’t worn sunglasses in over a year but prior to that I would wear them anytime the sun decided to blind me. Once I finally get motivated to buy some prescription sunglasses I will wear them again.

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People that never wear them, don’t your eyes get sore from the sun ever?

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I wear them a few times a month. I used to wear them every day, but since I’ve been sick, I think I need more sunlight, and so I don’t wear them very much any more. I also seem to need more light, in general, these days. Especially when reading. My eyes are just getting older.

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I wear them whenever I am driving in bright sun, because of the danger of cataracts if one doesn’t wear them.

I do not wear them just walking from the car to the store because sunlight through our eyes is the way that we get Vitamin D.

If you wear them all the time, perhaps you should havbe your Vitamin D levels checked.

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I wear them any time it’s sunny. I’ve forgotten to take them off inside. I complained about the lighting and it was suggested I take off the dark glasses. Surprised me each time, but yes, I felt (and was) stupid.

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Very rarely. I have some but I usually forget about them (and then regret it when the sun is making me squint!)

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Yep, every day the sun shines, and sometimes when it doesn’t too. lol
I have blue eyes and they are light sensitive.

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Not often, only when I go out and it is really sunny. I only started wearing them a couple years ago. I never thought they were a big deal, but when you put them on you realise how much better it is.

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I use to wear them everyday when the sun was out or if the sky was hazy but bright. My eyes were also sensitive. I say were because recently I found out I was low in vitamin d and given supplements for vitamin d and I also decided to take more vitamin A on my own. As my vitamin D levels rose I started to realize that my eyes were no longer sensitive to light. It could’ve also been the vitamin A and the increase in fruits and vegetables that also helped.
There are medical conditions that can cause it and even some medications. But it could be as simple as you may need more beta caratene and lutein in your diet.

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Without them I’d have even more migraines. I wear them outside almost always.
Today it’s dark and rainy so I won’t be needing them. ;)

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Never :( I like them but I wear glasses all the time, contacts hurt my eyes, and I haven’t found a pair (or I have, but lost them) that I’ve liked enough to pay to get my prescription put in the lenses. But I’m on the hunt.

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Sadly, I have little use for them where I’m stationed.

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I wear sunglasses very often while outdoors during the day. Almost never at night.

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I only wear them on long car trips, going south in the central valley all day long is very tiring on the eyes.

I mostly only go out for short trips to the store and spend very little time outside. When I go for a neighborhood walk, I wear a hat.

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I wear them every day when I go out. My eye doctor told me to wear them when I go out because of the bright sunlight that we get here (HI). I was told that wearing them would cut down on my chances of getting cataracts due a lot of sunlight exposure. My one pair of sunglasses is just smallish UV protecting (HD brand) and my other ones are driving sunglasses, small lens also no side lens on either pair. Hope this helps as there seems to be many good answers already from other on Fluther!

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Never. I can’t see without my glasses and I don’t wear contacts, so I can’t wear regular sunglasses. I have a pair of prescription ones but they don’t fit (too big) and I don’t like the way that they look, so I don’t wear them. I’m going to need prescription ones for driving though!

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I wear prescription sunglasses every day. Mine are very dark, and they need to be that way because I am a pilot as well, I need to have the sunglasses when I fly. Also, I have very light eyes, and even wore sunglasses quite often as a child, before I needed prescription glasses.

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Never. Any type of glasses on my face give me a headache.
I’m screwed when my vision goes someday.

As for glare, I just squint.

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Before I needed prescription glasses I had them with me all the time. Now almost never. I tried those clip on ones and they added enough weight so they were always sliding down. Sometimes I will wear them right over my bifocals and it works but it’s really clunky. Even transition lenses seemed either not dark enough outside or took too long to lighten up when I would enter a building. Maybe they are better now.

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I only wear them when I’m driving directly into the sun (around sunset). Or when my sister (runs an opthamology clinic) or husband nag me to do so.

I don’t like how they interfere with my peripheral vision. I should get some dorky wraparound ones or something.

@marinelife You can absorb Vitamin D through your skin too!

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