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How to i get itunes to stop showing the switch to or retry dialogue box?

Asked by frankenwill (1points) June 28th, 2007

Every time i start up itunes, a box appears saying my system is busy, and I can either retry or switch to, to fix the problem. After hitting retry about 10 times it opens, but is very annoying.

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firstly run the windows task manager (ctrl alt del),c lcikc on the PROCESSES tab and check to see of the following two processes are in the list -"iTunesHelper" and "qttask.exe" . If they are there,

i would try and re-install itunes to see if it fixes the problem
if the problem still persists, run a registry scan with a freeware program called ccleaner ( to see of theres a registry error thats causing the problems

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That got that problen, now one more itunes related issue. When i close down i get the "another program is trying to use itunes" quit or dont quit. I use and i believe this is the program causing the issue. is there any way to disable this box from coming up everytime i hit close?

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do you have a firewall software in your computer???
if so, you could change the program settings of to not use iTunes.
if you dont have a firewall, re-install -- when you run it for the first time (after re-install) windows will give you a warning like " is player is trying to get access to iTunes.exe . Allow or Deny". Click deny and you should be good

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