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What job would you pick if you wanted to re train to do something that is satisfying and useful?

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) April 25th, 2012

A hypothetical question. Sometimes I think a major factor of happiness is knowing that what you do is useful or has some worth to it, especially given that most of us will work our entire lives. What employment role would you pick for being a job of great worth?

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I already do something “satisfying and useful” – but if I had to choose a new career…

I would love to own a comic book shop (with a little cafe covering all sorts of media). Sadly, it probably wouldn’t make any money.

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@cprevite what do you currently do?

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@noodle_poodle: Graphic designer and adjunct college professor.

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I like what I do. I think it is valuable and it challenges me and keeps me interested. If I changed my job I would want to write and publish novels. Or perhaps own a little bookshop in a seaside location.

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I think I would really enjoy being hired to deal with a deceased person’s belongings. As morbid at that may sound, family members have a difficult time doing this for several reasons. Having a third party handle the details takes some of the emotional pressure off of the bereaved. It can also fairly sort out any dispute that often crops up in this situation.

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I think I’d like to own and run an orchard, with a small but highly valued vineyard, with maybe a small petting zoo on the side. I’d like to work with my hands, have a hard day in the field, and feel like the soak in the bath was a reward.

(currently schedule a TV channel, and take a soak in the bath occasionally to ease my back after sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours straight)

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@Rheto_Ric: I felt this way a few years ago. Then I took a job at farm for almost five years. That pretty much cured me of that desire.

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Intellectual property law, although I’m pretty sure I’d hate going through the first few years as a lawyer. i think it would be fascinating, and I naively imagine I could clean up some of the stupid mess of the world of patents.

I think it would also be interesting to go into teaching, maybe science or math at a community college.

Personally I think it’s great if you can do work you love, but a lot (most?) of us can’t. We do work we’re competent at, to pay the bills. That enables one to cultivate hobbies and talents and activities that are fulfilling and rewarding. And volunteering can be a great sidecar to the work-a-day world.

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I would train in the field of medicine. I never thought I was smart enough when I was younger, but I think that was just a confidence issue.

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Pig tickler.

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