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Would you rather hone your innate gifts/talents or try to develop your weaknesses?

Asked by wallabies (1081points) April 25th, 2012

I was just thinking about this and wondering what other people’s views are.

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@wallabies “Develop your weaknesses?”

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I want to do both. I want to focus on things I find easy and have a natural talent for because I enjoy doing those things. Yet, I like to challenge myself so being determined enough to keep trying to improve at things that I don’t find so easy is equally important to me and in some ways, more fulfilling because when I succeed it means I put a lot of effort in.

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Oh I see, I would do both if possible.

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I take the easy way and cater to my skills and talents. I make myself do the things I have to even if I’m not as comfortable, but I say no when asked to do those things for someone else. If I belong to a group and they ask me to, say, handle money or make phone calls, I say no. I can do it, but I’m not really comfortable with it. Find someone else. I’ll cook, make programs and posters, write text, plan, organize. Life’s too short and talents may be limited.

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If your weaknesses create a hazard or personal liability of some kind work on them enough to be no trouble.
Beyond that work on your talent, they’re more fun !

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I do it pretty well already. My weakness is doing nothing some days, and it is also a talent I have perfected over the years.
So both. :)

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Even within our stronger and weaker areas, one has strengths and weaknesses. I’d like to have a well-rounded understanding of how stuff works, but focus most of my energy doing something I love. And within that area that I love, I have strengths and weaknesses to work with as well.

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