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Does anyone know what this word "pimplico" might mean?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) April 25th, 2012

I’ve been reading book that is supposedly a journal from 1852 and the writer supposedly made the statement that the lady of the house did her hair in ”... pimplico fashion of twenty years ago”. I assumed the word pimplico was English, but could it be from French? Or could it be that the journal’s editor decided that the written word was pimplico, and it actually should have been something else? Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or guesses about this?

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Pimlico is a place in England. Maybe it’s a typo and It’s supposed to be referring to the fashion of people from Pimlico?

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I think in this case they are referring to Pimlico Downs the racetrack that hosts the Preakness every year.

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I found some references to the word ‘Pimlico’ that help. I think it relates to being very fashionable.

First, “Pimlico has been fashionable since the 16th century, easily accessible yet quietly way from London’s commercial centres. Its public gardens were much frequented on holidays so that ‘to walk in Pimilico’ can mean to promenade in all one’s finery.” (Bunn & Co.). Similarly this site mentions walking in Pimlico as “To promenade, handsomely dressed, along Pimlico Path”.

This is a description of Pimlico in the 1860s too. As a very affluent suburb, I can imagine the ladies of the area would have been the fashion icons in their time.

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@Bellatrix, thanks, I’ll have to go with your guess as being most likely. It’s too bad I don’t have access to the original writings. When I got to the end of the book there had been several more references that suggested the journal’s authoress was well traveled, so it’s likely she was aware of the fashionable places in England and around the world. Her husband was a merchant marine owner and trader, so he was wealthy and circumnavigated the globe an estimated 15 times.

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