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Where do you pick up your pet at your final destination when flying?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) April 25th, 2012

Do they have a pet claim area? What does one do to pick up their pet once they get to their destination from flying?

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Your airline should be able to give you that information. They all have their own unique rules regarding pets so there is no one correct answer. Different airports also have their own unique rules.

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Any time we had one flown, we dropped it off and/or picked it up at the freight office for that particular airline. But yes, I would double, triple check with the airline itself.

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Usually there is a special baggage pick up area. Odd shaped baggage that can’t go through the conveyor belt system, pets, special freight, are usually picked up at this point, but it depends on the airport and the airline. You have to ask your airline and tell them what airport your final destination is.

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I know in Sioux Falls during the height of hunting season they set up a special area for all the dogs that are brought in. There are actually more dogs on some of the flights than people, and the planes are full.

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Thanks for your answers…which brings me to another one. I have to wonder if they handle pet carriers as roughly as they do luggage. Airports are famous for throwing your luggage around.

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We always put big signs on the crate. Say stuff like, “My name is Dog, I am 4 months old and very friendly. Please talk to me.” Most baggage handlers will notice and be nice. Put one on each side, back and top. It can’t hurt! and will hopefully help.

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When my kids came back from Paris with their Brittany, a baggage handler met them after they got through customs by an elevator with Merlin on a cart in his crate.

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One friend puts a Shockwatch shock indicator label on the outside of his dog’s kennel.

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Make sure the destination tags are legible too…my poor dog years ago was sent to Philadelphia instead of Albuquerque and it took the airlines 3 days to ship her back. They took good care of her but she was extremely traumatized. How the hell they managed to misread
ALBQ as PHILLY beats me.

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When my daughter and her S/O flew with their dog from Providence to Toronto, they in coach could hear the poor doggie barking in the hold. It was a distressing trip for all.

My daughter almost landed the plane single-handedly and then waited by the baggage hold hatch. This was pre 9/11 so no one chased her away.

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