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What is wicked annoying about you?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) April 25th, 2012

Just so I know.

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What is it worth to you to know?

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I leave hair in the sink, dishes and cups on the coffee table, and I drop my shit on the floor and don’t pick it up for days, if not longer.

I interrupt.

I order a salad, ask for one of someone’s fries, then eat ten.

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What is annoying, for the purpose of this question?

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@woodcutter I was in discussion with another jelly just prior to posing the question. Turns out, she could smoke in her office back in the day and a co-worker offered her 100 bucks to quit as it was making him crazy. So something along those lines.

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I’ll get back with you

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Beats me. I’ll have to ask around.

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So many things… I am almost always late, I often fail to return phone calls, emails and thank you for your thoughtful gestures and acts of kindness, I will often go on and on and on about all sorts of things, I will interrupt you during a conversation, I can be self-absorbed and very often manage to bring every conversation around to myself, I can frequently be a pompous, long-winded blow-hard and will very often waste both my time and yours due to my pathological disorganization… you will often find yourself, ready go, waiting for me to find my shoes or my keys or my purse, or just because I’ve overslept, waiting for me to basically, get my shit together… do you want me to go on… and on and on, or is that enough for right now?

I honestly don’t know how anyone puts up with me sometimes.

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I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about myself. I guess that could get under someones skin.
But thats their problem then, not mine. I’m fine with that.

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Ok here’s one. Since my hearing has gotten worse over the years it means it makes it easier for me to understand people if I can see them when they speak to me. Don’t know why that matters but it works for me. If someone up and fires off a question at me and I wasn’t ready it may irritate me to the point I will repeat the question back to them using different words that have the same sounds. Just to make sure I heard them correctly ~. It usually comes out either full of dirty words strung together or just a random smattering of similar sounding words that make no sense. I know people don’t like to repeat themselves all the time but if you just start off rambling before I’m fully engaged in the subject it’s going to get annoying. For this reason I really dislike using phones. Not sure if this passes for wicked annoying though.

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@woodcutter I don’t think it is probably wicked annoying to the people you interact with on a daily basis, or who love and care about you, but maybe a little annoying, even to them :-) My dad was hard of hearing and it was very often a struggle to communicate with him. At first, just out of habit, I would say things to him at normal volume, then inching the volume up, until he heard me, then I went to saying things in a normal volume to him, once, because that’s the way I talk and then going straight to shouting, no inching up. It’s difficult for other people, when someone has hearing problems. You don’t forget so much as you are just used to talking the way you talk and that is not sufficient for people with hearing problems. I really, really tried to remember to always make an effort to be facing him when I spoke, because he had learned a little casual lip reading too, it helped him when he saw people when they spoke to him, like you, but it is hard to remember to do that all the time.

That your hearing has gotten worse is, or shouldn’t be, annoying to anyone. I sometimes found myself “annoyed” at my father’s inability to hear but he wasn’t annoying, I was annoyed. It was my problem, not his. If people find that annoying about you it is not your issue, it is theirs.

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@lillycoyote But you should hear some of my replies when I attempt to replay what I think I just heard. I sometimes do it on purpose when someone rattles off something so fast it sounds like one looooong sound. I usually get ” I didn’t say anything like that!” Or, How do you get that…from that? An example. “I need you to go to the the store today”. what my mind thinks it hears…“I need you to get me a whore for a lay” Whaaaaaaaa?

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I have a tendency to assume we’re friends. Not necessarily because I need more friends, but because the alternative doesn’t lend itself very well to meeting people. If we’re in the same spot, at the same time, and there’s nothing to “do”, I’m going to start talking to you.

If you’re friendly, it’s not a problem, but if you’re guarded it can definitely be wicked annoying. I get it, and usually within a couple of minutes we can tell if we need to keep talking. Macho guys and girls who think I’m flirting are generally the worst and I’ll just move on or wait quietly.

Sorry to put you on the spot folks, you can go back to your phones.

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@funkdaddy I’m that way too. If we ever end up waiting in the same line at the grocery store check out, I will be happy to talk to you; I will find it nice to have found a friendly person out there in the world and be very glad for the conversation and that you don’t find me annoying because I want to chat in the grocery check out line, because the woman at the head of the line has 28 expired coupons she is contesting and things seem to be going very slowly. I will be happy for the diversion and the pleasant company while I wait.

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@funkdaddy and @lillycoyote I do that too, talk to strangers. My husband thinks that’s so weird. Probably more annoying: I smoke like a chimney, am not domestically inclined, and snore like a freight train.

I forgot to add: I forget things, all. the. time.

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@augustlan How could I have forgotten to add “I smoke like a chimney” to my list of sins and wicked annoying traits? Me too. And talking to strangers isn’t weird, I don’t think. I am not always the one who initiates the conversation. But it certainly is unwelcome, frequently. I sometimes venture out into the world like some dumb little puppy or some kind of simpleton, chatting people up and I do not always find the world open, friendly and welcoming to that sort of thing. But still, I soldier on, and so should you and @funkdaddy. Just because many people are unfriendly doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes find a delightful stranger out there in the world, who will brighten your day. Jeez, now I really do sound like a dumb puppy or some kind of simpleton.

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I hate fried food and BBQ but live in the South. Friends don’t know what fix when I’m invited for dinner.

Seriously now, to my surprise funkdaddy and lilycoyote eloquently wrote my wicked annoyance. I’m too friendly to strangers in a line or other supposedly awkward places. Was brought up to be polite which means acknowledging other’s existence…...and if I can get them to smile, so much the better.

Must be the right thing to do because have made a few friends over the years in this “accidental” way. It does seem birds of a feather….. just look at all of us agreeing.
BTW, this is my first response, just joined tonight and like what I’m reading. And really do hate fried food even though a Southerner. My friends just give me dessert:-)

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Hey, @Salem88 welcome! We’ll all talk to you, even if you are a stranger. :)

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I am incapable of leaving a 10 second voice mail. I always get cut off and usually need a part 2 to finish what I want to say. I try to be short and to the point but it’s almost impossible. haha

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Thanks for the welcome. Will be talking to you in checkout line when appropriate.

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@Salem88 Haha..I talk to everyone all the time. I had a regular party going on in a checkout line the other day. lol

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Think we should all go shopping on certain day of week to cheer up the country? Kind of a “Friendly Flash Mob” annoyance. Maybe get store discount to get us out.

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I have this tendency to hide & startle the wife &/or kids.
Whenever the oppurtunity presents itself, i’m behind a door, in the dark, waiting to pounce.
Only last week I got the wife with a good one… black eye is testament to that.

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@ucme I lol’d at that ...I do that to my partner and mother as well.

I think my annoyances mainly surround my social awkwardness.
– I am very quiet and some people get very annoyed when they can’t hear me.
– I wear a hat everywhere I go – I’ve actually had people try to remove it.
– I do not make eye contact with people I don’t know and/or are uncomfortable with.
– Um, I’m kind of slow I guess (walking, talking, coming to decisions, labour/work) ..I really try to be faster but I usually end up very stressed and, many times, mess up what I’m doing. My family got me t-shirt that says “Don’t rush me.” :P
– I guess another thing would be my very low tolerance to certain noises, sounds and lights (especially when out in public). I become quite stressed and it is usually noticeable.

It may seem so, at first glance, but I’m not completely fragile; I love to be silly and have fun when I’m comfortable.

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Nothing. Nothing at all. There isn’t a damn thing that’s annoying about me. I’m perfect.

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A friend has the tendency to stop talking mid-sentence. Because I am engrossed by what she is saying, I tend to attempt to finish the sentence for her. It annoys the daylights out of her. Personally, I don’t blame her for feeling this way. It is annoying, especially if the statement is off-base.

I’m a klutz. There is zero natural ability when it comes to sports, and everyday skills are almost as bad. It about drove one ex-boyfriend to the brink of insanity after he asked me to join his bowling ball and volleyball leagues. .

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I never have the ringer on on my phone. Sometimes I even turn vibrate off.

I answer the phone maybe 1 out of 3 calls, and that’s when it’s someone I know. If my phone simply lists a phone number, meaning I haven’t programmed a name to correspond to that incoming number, I don’t answer it.

I listen to my voice mail about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks.

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I’m almost always about 15 late to wherever I’m going.
I’m very particular about most things.
If you’re a woman with a nice body, I’ll most likely stare at you. Sorry =/

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@FutureMemory Haha…me too!
I turn my phones off a lot, my feeling is if you’re dead at 2am you’ll be just as dead at 7 am, don’t wake me up. lol

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I have a tendency of not finishing m

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things my wife would likely say
• I speak far too loud.
• I yell too much.
• I have a short fuse.
• I have a horrible memory.
• I’m a bit cocky.

and she’d be correct

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I have become the naggy housemate. I never thought the day would come. I don’t like it when my housemates smoke in the house (or on the balcony with the door open). There are certain things that should be washed by hand instead of going in the dishwasher: flimsy plastic cutting boards (dishwasher warps them), nice knives (dishwasher dulls them), and pots and pans with tons of shit caked on (dishwasher does nothing to them). On top of that, we have hard water, so there is a specific combination of soap and drying agent that have to be used in order for the dishes to actually come out clean.

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@nikipedia Oh God, I’m sorry. lol
I NEVER want to share communal space with anyone ever again. I’d live in a tent before I got a room mate. haha

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@Coloma, it definitely has its pros and cons… I love that I always have someone to go out with on a Friday night (or Monday, or Tuesday…) and I pay almost nothing to live less than a mile from the beach. But we are in desperate need of a Dish Congress because right now my Dish Dictatorship means I am washing a lot of goddamn dishes.

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I asked my partner last night about this. She didn’t mention any of the things I listed already (bless her dear heart). She did mention my anal retentiveness though – I have very set ways in doing the chores around the house (I do most of them, as she works and I do not) – also with where ornaments/pictures go. It’s not usually something I do in public and would only be noticed in my own home. I’ve gotten better over the years we’ve lived together but it’s a work in progress. I don’t freak out or anything, but I do fix what I notice.

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@CWOTUS And that’s what’s so damn annoying about you! You’re perfect! That can be very, very annoying to those of us who aren’t. :-)

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I talk too much, read too much and smoke too much.

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I won’t leave voicemails.

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