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How can I make a website like Fluther?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) May 27th, 2008

I already have a program I use for making a login and password but I don’t know I way to create an Ask a Question and Questions asked in iWeb. Would you know how?

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I bet ben and andrew know how :P

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It may help you to look at some of the coding on the page, but you’ll really need to go to a web development site and get your hands on an editing program if you know nothing about html coding. While it may not answer all of your questions, it will give you a start.

You can view the page coding by going to your browser menu, view, and then page source.

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Viewing the Fluther page source code is the most easy way for you to drop your project. Moreover using iWeb to realize such a dynamic website is quite impossible for me.

Let’s begin with a basic dynamic website, not based upon DB.

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just create a free forum where people can ask and answer question. Its free and takes less then a minute to create one.

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iWeb is not a powerful enough tool to make a site like Fluther. Fluther uses many different coding languages and server-side user information and dynamic content stuff like most Web 2.0 sites, iWeb doesn’t allow you to edit the source code so it will be very difficult to add features like Fluther’s, also you will have issues with server-side coding stuff if you plan to use .Mac.

I suggest you begin by buying a program like Adobe Dreamweaver, also it is best to start with simple, less ambitious projects until you get used to web-development.

Alternatively you can find an online service, like Mirza suggests, which allows you to create a free forum or simple website like Bravehost or Freewebs.

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Yeah but mirza what do I use or that. Should I just google it and look around?

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I googled “free forum” and found “forumotion“

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First you need to buy a domain. Then…BRAINSTORM!

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yeah u would definately need some coding knowledge

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Good luck.

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It’s amazing that so many people think it’s really easy to make a site like this. I’ve been running a web development firm for over 8 years and can tell you that scraping user interface or using online build-it-without-any-html-knowledge tools will never get you a site that is as usable, as scalable, as maintainable, and as feature-rich. Yeah, I “said feature-rich” because every nifty little thing here is a feature that had to be thought out, implemented, user-tested, tweaked, debugged, and integrated. I’m sure it took the founders at least a couple of years to get the site where it is right now.

Bottom line: hire a professional or find technologically expereienced partners.

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I don’t think anyone believes that it’s easy, but he has to start somewhere. I don’t believe anyone who knows nothing about coding could turn out a site that functions as this one does their first time out of the gate, no one. It takes some time just to get simple html under a person’s belt, and relying upon wysiwyg editors probably won’t help, a person needs to gain in depth knowledge of coding and scripting.

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@mirza: “Its free and takes less then a minute to create one.” Yes, all the best websites are made that way. Right?

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@richardhenry: i was talking about creating a forum (not fluther). A forum is like the web 1.0 version of fluther where can simply ask and answer question.

Also there are some really good websites that were made in a short amount of time. For example, the initial version for tumblr was coded in less then a week.

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I’m well aware you can devise a forum in minutes. However, building a community to actually use it takes effort.

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I cannot tell if building a community is hard or not. But from personal experience it looks pretty easy. For example, in february of this year we launched this website and today it has over 10k registered users. All we did for the community to grow was we posted a blog post saying that we built this cool thing and asked all our musician friends to give it a try. Fastforward to today and the site is getting around 100k visitors a month, it has been featured on countless blogs and even has a wikipedia page.

Sorry cant mention the sites name because of a gossip site called v-a-lley-wag.

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You can’t imitate perfection.

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Why don’t you just enjoy yourself here? Going to all that work just to create a pale imitation of what we already have seem a rather futile pursuit.

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