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How far should the numbness from novocaine at a dentist visit extend?

Asked by chris (409points) May 27th, 2008

I just got back from a visit, and the right side of my face is numb up to and including the base of the ear. Is this reasonable?

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totally fine. It can last up to three hours before returning to almost normal.

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I have had it do that when the dentist hit a nerve with the novocaine making the numbness go farther and last longer. As judochop said, they told me it would be fine and it was, if annoying. Don’t you love the weird half smile feeling?

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It depends how many shots of novacaine you had. When I got my wisdom teeth out, it lasted for a long time- probably 5 hours.

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It depends upon how much was used and where it was placed, but the nerves that have to do with your face also include feeling to your ear. It is indeed reasonable.

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Thanks all. I’ve just never had the feeling extend that far away from my mouth before. I feel much better.

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Stay home until you can talk and eat without drooling (and without knowing that you are drooling.)

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My whole mouth and jaw has been numb before, its nothing to worry about.

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Try not to bite the numb parts.

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