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Does this framed poster look warped to you or could it be a messed up shot?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11057points) April 26th, 2012
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Looks warped, like it was exposed to excessive humidity or something.

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Looks like the poster has been damaged.

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It looks like an example of barrel distortion, an optical problem. If the frame itself were distorted, the line of the frame and the line framing the poster’s image wouldn’t appear parallel. The line and the frame are equally bowed in this photo, so it has to be an optical distortion.

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No, I think the poster itself definitely looks warped… that usually happens when water or something liquid-y gets on paper. I don’t think it looks very nice to be honest if that’s what you’re asking… but what do I know. :p

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My sister has one, as well. She may give it me.

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It’s a bad mat job and/or the paper was exposed to excess humidity. It actually looks like it was only ‘barely’ or ‘not even’ set on a mat before framing. (Though how it could be framed without being matted is beyond me. I don’t know that craft.)

I see what @thorninmud is saying about the barrel distortion, but I suspect that’s not what you’re asking about.

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I was wondering about water damage/humidity.

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@Mama_Cakes So you’re talking about the waviness on the surface of the poster itself, not the fact that the sides don’t look straight?

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For sure warped and wavy.

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Waviness on the surface.

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It definitely looks warped to me.

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It is an item that I wanted to purchase. If the poster is warped, then it’s a no-go, obviously.

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Then yes, the waviness is humidity, but the frame is fine. This is what happens when the poster (printed on lightweight stock) is framed without adhering it to a heavier board stock. The printed side expands and contracts less than the unprinted side with changes in humidity. If it weren’t held in a frame, it would curl and uncurl as humidity changed, but because the frame keeps it from doing that, it creates waves instead.

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May I shed some confusion?
Although it looks like the poster has been wet, and therefor looks ‘wavey’, take a look at the frame (the red arrow); it is as if some ‘waves’/reflection don’t stop at the frame (as you would expect) but rather continue to run over it and they continue, only to end outside ‘the box’.
Edit: So, could it be just reflections, caused by the light sources/flash?

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@rebbel I saw that, as well.

Oh, well, the poster is damaged..

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I’m scrapping the framed poster. And, I’m going with something like this. Using a different poster. Brilliant.

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You could always try to put a cloth over it and iron it.

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@Mama_Cakes Take another look at the poster. There’s definately some distortion going on in the picture. I can’t get a straight edge, like a ruler or a square flush with the frame.

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