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Best beach in San Diego?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) May 27th, 2008

Looking to take a vacation in San Diego in the end of June. Where is the best beach in the area (with hotels) for us to stay?

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I personally go out of my way to go to La Jolla Shores. If you can find a Hotel in La Jolla that would be best. It isn’t far from downtown, you can go walk to see the seals, La Jolla Shores has surfing lessons and good restrooms, lots of shopping and food.

If you’re young, you would want to stay in Pacific Beach, which is more party centric.

Hotel Circle is also OK, but it is about 10mins from the beach, but it is by the Fashion Valley shopping center.

What are you looking to do in San Diego, btw?

I surf at Scripps and Blacks Beach. Black’s is great with the very high sand cliffs, but you may catch a glimpse of man sausage as it is a nude beach.

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Im not a surfer, I just go to tan… I always go to torrey pines beach its really easy to get to and its always clean with lifeguards on duty. Downside is parking is 8 dollars but you can park on the street. Upside is the Mexican food resturant up the street, the food there is amazing!!

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It depends how much money you want spend and what you want to do. If I had a ton I money I’d stay the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado.

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Avoid Oceanside, my son got a serious bacterial infection swimming in the water there. La Jolla & Hotel Del are very nice.

Black’s if you swing that way. :0

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It really depends on when you go to the beach, don’t go after rains. And stay clear of IB, that’s just dirty water.

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Coronado Beach
Not only is it lovely but you get to watch the Navy Seals train. :P

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If money is an issue, look into Encinitas, Cardiff, Leucadia & Carlsbad. They’re a little further north on the coast still beautiful but not as pricey as La Jolla, Del Mar, & the Hotel Del. Plus you’re still close enough to hit the Gaslamp & Balboa park if you have a car.

If you’re college age it’s Pacific Beach or Mission Beach all the way. You’ll have a drunken good time on the Boardwalk watching all the eye-candy in swimsuits & rollerblading.

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La Jolla, Windan Sea, i surf there, good waves..

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LunaFemme is pretty right on. The drawback to Coronado (aside from the price) is that the restaurants, shops, etc. close down early! So if you are older than 23 but still want some nightlife, then Encinitas, Cardiff, etc are a better deal. They are getting pricey restaurants up there now and fancy wine bars but you can still find a good dive bar or taco truck if you want to!

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why dont u go to a sanny one LOL

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If you want to go in the water, look somewhere else. The City of San Diego recently cut the funding for testing the water quality, sewer spills directly into the ocean are a common occurance.

I used to live there, and most of my family still does. I visit there every chance I get. Here is where I stay:

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For a more fun and vibrant time, try Ocean Beach around night time, Mission Beach for that “funnel cake and roller coaster by the beach” sort of feel, and Coronado and La Jolla for relaxing times and clean times. Personally my favorite is Imperial Beach just because I hold strong memories with my mom there but if you don’t mind hanging out with minorities it’s a neat little spot on the weekends. You can literally visit all the beaches in one day if you wanted and just get a hotel anywhere.

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