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What replaces NetMeeting if using Windows 7?

Asked by Charles (4815points) April 26th, 2012

There is no NetMeeting. Shareview isn’t supported any more and I think Live Meeting requires some sort of subscription (am I right about this?). Is there a free (preferably Microsoft) application which does for Windows 7 what Netmeeting used to do?

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What are you looking to do? We use Microsoft Lync at my company, and it works out pretty well for IM, voice, video, and brief screen sharing.

If you’re looking for free, maybe you could just use Google. Google+ hangouts, for example, allows multi-user video that works pretty well. You can also share screens, etc.

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NetMeeting was killed off and replaced with Windows Meeting Space in Vista, but was not included as part of Windows 7. Go figure.

There’s always Skype which works well. And it’s owned by Microsoft.

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