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Which podcasts do you recommend?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (353points) April 26th, 2012

I’m currently looking for a variety of podcasts to listen to in my free time. In an effort to expand my perspectives and horizons, I’d like to transition from listening to ONLY music to listening to podcasts. I’m up for anything.

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Ricky Gervais’s podcasts

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Apropos It translates the lyrics of the songs it plays.

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- Radiolab
Democracy Now
This American Life
The Atheist Experience (the episodes with Matt Dilahunty and/or Tracie Harris)
Audio Dharma (Gil Fronsdal’s feed)
Science Friday
The Moth
This Week in Google
Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

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From APM, I listen to Writer’s Almanac and Composer’s Datebook every morning.
I also like:
Prairie Home Companion News from Lake Woebegone
WTF Podcast (Marc Maron interviewing comedians/comics)
The Moth (public storytelling without notes)
Stuff You Missed in History Class
NPR’s Car Talk

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There are just too many and I tend to go on overload sometimes…

… but if I am going to go with just a couple?

I guess it’s a “podcast” maybe, though really it’s just their NPR radio show, rebroadcast via “podcast.” Not sure what you are looking for here.

Car Talk

Click and Clack…. Tom and Ray Magliozzi… more fun than you ever thought you could have just listening to people talk about car trouble.

And Matt Paxton, of Hoarders fame,, if you’re into that, has a podcast, which is also way more fun than you might think you could have, when it comes to compulsive hoarding.

These are if you just want to have a little fun. If you want something serious, you will have to look elsewhere. :-)

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If you’re looking for surreal humor, the Yogpod! :0)

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I personally enjoy:
• RadioLab
• 99% Invisible
• Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me
• This American Life
• Fresh Air

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