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Who is your favorite Bond Girl?

Asked by WestRiverrat (20102points) April 26th, 2012

Which Bond movie series female lead your favorite?

From Honey Rider to Camille or Miss Taro to Valenka nearly everyone has a favorite. Which is yours?

Bonus which actor is your favorite Bond?

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PUSSY GALORE (Honor Blackman). Badass, blond, and bi-sexual.

Daniel Craig.

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I suppose I should give mine…Major Anya Amasova – (Barbara Bach) from The Spy Who Loved Me. My favorite JB was Sean Connery.

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There were no plus size Bond women. So, none.

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octopussy. (Maud Adams)

Worst was Denise Richards (The World is not Enough)

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It’s Melina Havelock for me from For Your Eyes Only. Ohh, that long black hair…

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