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What is the best search engine?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) May 27th, 2008

What is the best search engine?

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Google. Because telling people to ‘MSN search it’ doesn’t quite cut it.

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You mean whats the only search engine worth using?

The answer is simply Google.

(anyone remember what it was like before Google?)

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yep. Still Google.

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Look up all the amazing stuff you can do with google. I use it for site-specific searches, driving and maps, defining words, etc.

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@uberbatman: Haha, I do remember life before google. I used altavista. It was horrible and I didn’t even know it. A friend of mine showed me Google in 8th grade. The simple interface shaved off full SECONDS of loading time because we only had a 56k modem. Man, that takes me back.

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Google is by far the best search engine for now. I say for now because there is vast room for improvement in search engine technology. If Google rests in its laurels, it could easily be replaced just as it easily replaced Altavista, Hotbot, Yahoo, etc. I know of at least one stealth search engine company that will give Google a run for its money.

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@MisterBlueSky85 remember how hard it was to find pictures? You would have to like type ”(whatever your searching for) pictures) and then click through countless websites trying to find a good picture. Man i love Google ^_^

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Everyone’s saying Google.

I say it’s Ask

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For some queries Yahoo, others…default….google.

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This of course sounds TERRIBLY predictable, but it’s got to be good old google . A number of new social bookmarking type search engines are springing up though, so maybe development in that area will bring about advances in searching.

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