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Does anyone know what a newborn weight increase should be after breast feeding?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) April 27th, 2012

I thought I’d measure my daughters weight before and after feeding, it’s slightly inaccurate as I have to measure my weight first and then carry her and minus the difference – but my LLC woman said it’s a good way to see how much she’s getting.
I normally have an increase of 2–4 oz after breast feeding – does anyone know what the increase should actually be?

I have no idea how much milk I produce as I can’t pump!
My breasts don’t like the pump – she’s gaining weight though so she’s doing beautifully it’s more curiosity on my part.


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Stop fretting. Weigh her once a week. She is gaining weight and doing beautifully. The mini-gain or loss will be connected to her pooping and peeing. Do you want to to calibrate every ounce that goes in and out of her?

Watch her wave those beautiful plumb fists around, watch her becoming more and more curious about the world, watch her try to put her toes in her mouth.

There is no right or wrong answer to your question.

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It depends. Does she pee before she eats? While she eats? There are many factors here.

Ideally, she’d gain 2 to 4oz after eating. However, infants can poop out 4 oz or more at a time (oh the exploding poo days!).

As long as she’s gaining weight overall, there is no need to weigh her after she eats. Right now she should gain a little less than a half pound per week.

That’s just going to cause more anxiety for mama, and sooner or later your daughter will pick up on your health anxieties.

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Um, if you breast feed her directly from your breast, you will lose that weight in milk and the baby will gain it, so weighing her while carrying her won’t work.

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oh no i’m not fretting sorry, i’m actually really excited, she’s gaining amazing weight, 2 pounds in a week, i was really just curious…. x

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good point JLeslie… I’ll stop it is a silly thing to do -at home Mum with new scales!!

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sorry not 2 pounds in one week, I meant 2 weeks… x

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@JLeslie Correct.. And if mama just weighs herself, she may have fluid retention and the loss of a couple of ounces may not show on the scale. Especially if she drinks a glass of water while feeding, as I did

@tan253 While you’re breast feeding, enjoy her. This is such a fast moving time. I wish I could go back for one of those hours.

Since you say she’s gaining so well, here’s another thing I still love to do with my son: Watch the hands grow. One week a month, his fingers swell like plump little raisins. Then, the next week they’re skinny again.

Instead of weighing her, take a phot a day, or a video clip. You’ll be astonished with seeing the facial changes over the years.


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Thanks @Spatzielover!
I’ve started taking photos, you’re right this time is so precious, it’s been a month already and it’s amazing, being a mum is truly wonderful, it’s made me appreciate my mother so much more – i always did but now in a different way, I did see an amazing link to a woman that took her daughters video for 12 years in fact here is it :

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Don’t ever tell her (when she gets older) about how quickly she gained weight at this stage of her life. While she’s trying to lose a pound a week, she’ll hold it against you forever. She’ll have plenty of other things to hold against you as her mother, just don’t let her add this to the list.

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Unless you’re using one of those scales designed for such things, you’re probably wasting your time. When my wife (lactation consultant) was working in private practice, I believe her scale was close to $400.

Enjoy and don’t worry. If you have a concern, ask for local help (LLL group, IBCLC, mom’s breastfeeding group, etc).
You’re really doing an amazing thing, and providing your daughter with some real health benefits that will last her a lifetime (as well as the health benefits for you).

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“Does anyone know what a newborn weight increase should be after breast feeding?”

Yes, your pediatrician would know.

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Rather than weighing her, how about you do this?

Imagine in 12 years being able to watch this back? I wish I had done it for my children. I agree with @gailcalled, just love watching her grow. It is very sweet to share your excitement though.

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Just use your judgement and don’t worry about the ounces. If you think she’s healthy and doing okay she probably is. If you sense a change pay attention to your gut and call someone. Nice to see motherhood agrees with you so much. And take tons of pictures and videos. It flies by. I have a 14 month amd a 6 month old nephew. I think they were born a few days ago. Luck lady.

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