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Do you notice when women do not wear makeup?

Asked by the_overthinker (1504points) April 27th, 2012

I only wear makeup on the odd day (to school, or work), when I feel like it, to special events (etc), or when I’m going out for the night.

I wouldn’t really think that people notice, but does it cross your mind when you’re talking to someone? Whether they’re wearing makeup or not?

Or do you even notice when someone never wears makeup? Or, when someone only rarely wears makeup, and then they are wearing it one day, do you notice?

What about someone you just met? They’re not wearing makeup, do you notice?

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I don’t wear make-up on either odd or even days. Around here (farm country) the women who paint their faces stand out.

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I do notice, but that is completely different from me giving a damn.

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No. I can’t say that I do notice. I would notice if someone had troweled on the make-up though.

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I notice, but it doesn’t move me one way or the other. I am very much put off by women who wear too much make-up. imho Young people, in particular, do not need lots of makeup and look unattractive plastered with paint. A light base, little lipstick and eye make-up should be enough if it enhances your looks subtly. Older women, who use heavy makeup, end up high- lighting the wrinkles they have, instead of minimizing them.

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If it’s done properly, I shouldn’t be able to notice it.

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I’m another non-make up wearing woman. I don’t really notice whether other woman are wearing make-up because, I suppose it is more common to wear it than not to wear it; it is the norm. I think I only notice a woman’s make-up if it is way over the top, badly or awkwardly applied, or of they are wearing big old slabs of pail blue eye shadow, Really ladies, that is not flattering on anyone, I don’t think; though, just my opinion. :-)

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I notice if it is not subtle. I notice when someone who usually doesn’t wear it does. I almost never wear any, but I have it with me in my purse – no idea why I bother to lug it around. Even if it is very colorful but well done (blend, blend, blend) I enjoy looking at it and will compliment the wearer.

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Nope, not really. I tend to notice people that overdo their makeup though.
I don’t wear any type of makeup.

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You would definitely notice if I wasn’t wearing makeup. I’m lucky that with my genetics I don’t have full-blown acne, but I don’t think that I’ve ever not had at least one bright red zit somewhere on my face.

I like to think I can spot it in others, but I don’t get much of a chance to practise. I don’t personally know any women who don’t wear some sort of makeup on a daily basis, except for maybe some older women.

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It only becomes noticeable to me if no make-up is a change from their regular appearance. And now that I think about it, the reverse is true as well. A friend invested in temporary lash extensions.. After that, when we got together, I would see eyelashes with the person attached to them.

I stopped wearing make-up a couple of years ago. It took a long time to get used to this appearance, and I’m still not crazy about it when I look at photos. A couple of months ago, I put on some mascara for a date with the SO. It wasn’t a lot, but I still looked like a clown. It didn’t help either when I cried a bit at the movie. :)

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Nope, as I take people at Face Value.

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Friends and people I associate with are truly standouts, if some of them do not wear their makeup. Some women depend heavily on their makeup and others do not need any makeup at all.

Yes, some without makeup standout, others do not.

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I only notice if it’s excessive or odd, like glitter eyelashes or outer lips lined. I see it, I know it’s there but it doesn’t strike me as wrong looking.

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I only notice when Someone wears too much makeup.

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No, but I notice when women put on too much.

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I dont wear make-up, and I used to sell avon. I do need some concealer when I want to be HOT, to cover my circles. I’ve noticed my face is red this week too. I dont like it. I have a great smile!

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I’ve noticed that I often get treated differently when I’ve put some make up on. I have green eyes so when I wear makeup I know to use browns and violets for eye liner and just a bit mascara. The make up does emphasize my eyes.

So some people do notice lol.

Me, not so much. I generally get an overall picture of a person that mostly has to do with their attitude.

As others have stated I do notice caked on makeup.

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