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What if you could never feel hot or cold again?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (7305points) April 28th, 2012

Imagine something happened to you such that you would never feel hot or cold (or warm or cool) again. You would still be able to register temperature differences, but only in a somewhat detached way. They would not come with the feeling of being hot, cold, warm, or cool. Would you miss this aspect of the sensations? Would you consider it to be a great advantage? What would be your reaction to this happening to you?

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It would be awful. Just eating food I could burn myself almost daily. I hate being cold, totally paralyzes me, but if I could not feel cold I could wind up losing a toe to frostbite. I’ll take the discomfort over not having the sensation any time.

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I would have to rely on the weather forecast to give me pertinent information as to how to dress.

How would you know if you had a fever? How about burning your body with the suns rays or a cup of coffee?

We definetely need to “feel”.

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I suppose that this hypothetical situation allows me to no longer feel these sensations, but does not make me invulnerable to the damages that extreme hot or cold can do? So, even if I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t stick my hand on the stove without it melting and bubbling up and stuff?
I guess it could be pretty convenient not to feel it, but I’d definitely miss being all warm and toasty in my bed, or feeling the crisp Autumn cold or the warm breeze of Spring. I’d say, count me out. (unless I’m able to walk naked in the North Pole without freezing)

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I have a hard time regulating my temperature, so part of me would be thrilled to never feel hot or cold again (that is, to never have my body feel hot or cold). But the dangers that would come with losing that sensation outweigh the pleasures, I think.

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It sounds dangerous to me. I don’t like the extremes, but I would want to have no feeling.

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Then I wouldn’t know when to stop running a bath & it would overflow & the room would get all flooded & then i’d be all confused & wet & everything.

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What? I couldn’t feel my hot wife again?
No thank you!

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Well, I’d save a lot on my utility bill, lol!

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I think I’d burn and freeze myself regularly.

There are those poor kids who are born without the ability to feel pain. They end up very hurt all the time because they don’t know to stop the activity that is hurting them. Many/most of them die before they reach adulthood.

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