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Parents: Have you ever gotten into a fight or argument with one of your children's friend's or classmate's parents, and if so, what was the resolution?

Asked by jca (35976points) April 28th, 2012

Have you ever had an issue and gotten into an argument with the parent(s) of one of your children’s classmates or friends? What was the argument due to? What was the resolution? Did it cause problems with the children?

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Yeah, but that was only because I “accidentally” tripped little johnny during my son’s annual sports day race at school.
The little shit, I mean kid, was cheating anyway, he clearly made a false start & I was simply making things fair.

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Well, the closest I’ve come to was when my son was playing little league baseball. About half way through the game some of the parents started acting like assholes, yelling at the coach and the other kids. I got up, went on to the field, took my son’s hand and we walked off and never went back. They weren’t happy about that because he was their best hitter.

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My incident involved Little League too. I was apparently out of the loop that there was a coup by the wife of my son’s assistant coach to takeover the operation of the concession stand from a woman who had been in charge of it for many, many years.

The resolution was the woman and her family moved because of her husband’s job. The kids all felt sorry for the little boy whose mother was involved. She was really having some emotional issues because of the loss of a child. I found this out from my son who asked me to not hate the little boy’s mother.

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My son’s assistant coach’s wife had taken money from all of the other mothers on my son’s team to buy pizza and sodas from the concession stand after each game. After the first game, I found my son sitting with his team eating a candy bar and drinking a Sam’s Club soda. He said the assistant coach’s wife told them this was their treat for the night and to not get pizza. The same thing happened after the second game.

I asked her what was going on and honest to God, she completely lost it. She screamed at me and went to her car and got money and threw it at me a bill at a time. I was so confused and scared the president of the Little League called me at home that night and said he’d gotten phone calls from people saying she had assaulted me. I explained that she hadn’t assaulted me phsically, but she had lost her cool and used profanity and was stomping and screaming because I asked her what she did with my $70.

EDIT: Come to find out, she was boycotting the concession stand because she didn’t like the lady who volunteered to head up the committee. She was a school teacher and the crazy lady was a substitute teacher. She actually put notices in the teachers mailboxes in the office saying the concession stand lady was embezzling funds, which she wasn’t doing.

Oh, the drama. lol

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Yes at one of my son’s soccer training sessions when a parent starting yelling in a really threatening way at a child who was about 9. I pulled him on one side and told him and the other parents who were encouraging him what I thought of their disgusting behaviour. I could not believe a group of parents were bullying a little kid.

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Not really, but once when my daughter was about 8–9 she a good friend were finally allowed to ride their bikes back and forth to each others houses about a mile and a ¼ distance which was mostly on our private one mile long dirt/gravel road up here in the hills of NorCal.
Her friend Mallory was another ¼ mile down the paved road from our corner.
Thing was that the UPS guys used to haul ASS on our road which often had kids, dogs and horse/ponies on it.
I had complained before about how fast these guys drove on our private road and then, one day, my daughter told me that her friend had fallen and sprained her arm because the UPS truck ran them off the side of the road!
Thing is Mallory told her mom that she had simply fallen and my daughter told the truth of what had really happened, but begged me not to tell Mallorys mom.

Sorry, no go, this was too serious to cover up.
Both the girls were mad at me and actually the mom wasn’t all that concerned.
She acted as if I was over reacting, I disagreed and told her she was lucky her daughter wasn’t hurt or killed. C’mon a UPS van running little girls off the road and causing them to fall and hurt themselves!

I filed a major complaint with the UPS office and that particular driver was suspended from his route. No excuse for driving like a maniac on a rural road with kids, dogs and horses. Nope, not at all.

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I also remember a time when I realised my daughter was going to be just fine in life. She was about six and some of her friends had joined the Brownies. She so, so wanted to join. So we went down and filled in the form and were told the group was full at the moment but they would let us know when there was a place. Then another of her friends went along to join up and was accepted (basically I found out later because the mothers knew each other). My daughter came home in tears and told me and we went down to the group to ask what was going on. The woman basically said they could pick and choose who they allowed in and there wasn’t a place at the moment. My daughter looked at me and said, in front of the woman, “Mummy, it’s fine. I don’t want to part of a group that treats children this way” and led me out. I wanted to rip the woman’s throat out but I followed my child’s lead and her demonstration of class and maturity.

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@Bellatrix Wow..your first sharing, I would have done the same thing, I hate abusive sports parents, the worst! Awww…out of the mouths of babes, what a wise little girl! :-)

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@Bellatrix, your daughter was wise beyond her years.

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I’ve been the kid, on a few several occasions. Rather memorable was my parents’ reaction to my 4th-grade teacher’s making me sit out recess – because Mom had forgotten to cover my school books. This lead to many hard feelings, a booby-trapped chair, and a big, ugly power struggle between my folks and the school administration, that resulted in my being withdrawn from the school (it was a private school, and my enrollment carried financial weight.)

Most recently was in high school. Politics, naivety, and a funny poem blended to turn my attempt at lightening the mood of the school paper (student submissions were angsty teenager crap) into a firestorm. I was accused of plagiarism (I had done nothing of the sort, simply submitted a poem that I found on the Internet with all of the attribution that I could find – “Anonymous.” It was the paper that printed my name there) by the paper’s advisor, the parents launched counteraccusations of ignorance and favoritism, the original poet was called for his opinion – it was a big, hairy mess. We came out more or less clean, and the newspaper inserted a written requirement for all submissions to be original.
I learned something very important that day: only you can reliably tell the real story. Everybody else will try to turn it to their advantage.

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No, I never did. My kids had many friends and I knew most of the parents. I recall thinking some of the parents were nutbars but I never needed to argue with them.

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