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Are there any really old-fashioned terms we could start using again?

Asked by Sunny2 (18810points) April 28th, 2012

Our use of various swear words and scatology has become so common place and boring. Aren’t there terms used in other times that we could bring back? And maybe invent some new ones that might ‘catch on?’

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I like word add-ons. Cock knocker and fuck-a-doodle spring to mind.

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@Trillian In what situations might you use them? Neither sounds angry or indignant enough for practical use. Would either take the place of a healthy, “Shit!!”?

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Gizmo Dinger
Whosee Whats its
Pot to piss in
Pop (soda pop)
gook (Rhymes with cook)
stockings (for men)

There are probably a lot of slang words for different minorities but I won’t mention them.

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SOB=son of a badger!
damn(to damn someone)=curse
shit=double phooey!
shit(to take one)=defecate
fuck(to bang)=intercourse/mount

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Hells Bells
Land sakes
Simpleton ( love this one my grandmother used to call people she didn’t like Simpletons haha)
Heebie Jeebies
Driving like a bat out of hell
Going on a Lark
Joy Ride
Merciful heavens

Hey, this is a swell question!

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I have always been a big fan of the cat’s pajamas. I also really enjoy it when my husband calls pants britches.

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@Charles There are probably a lot of slang words for different minorities but I won’t mention them. Then why mention gook?

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Fiddletigibbet and pantaloons.

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@SuperMouse I think cat’s pajama’s is the bee’s knees! ~

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Jimeny Christmas!
Holy Cow!
Goodness gracious!

Actually I use all of these fairly often! I like to save the real cuss words for special occasions so they actually have some impact when I do use them.

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I really want the word “shall” to come back into general use. And “endeavor” (try, attempt.) Ooh, and fortnight!

@rooeytoo I say “goodness” and “gracious” all the time, but not together.

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@Haleth – My mom used to say “for goodness sake” and “gracious me” as a statement of surprise. Is that how you use them?

I had an art instructor who would use the word “henceforth” in sentences frequently. It sounded so natural and dignified when he said it, but when I tried to use it, it sounded pompous! But I still like it. In Australia people say fortnight all the time.

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A personal favorite is catawampus. It is a descriptive for something askew.

As a side note, many words common in the UK language sound ofd-fashioned to these American ears. Here is a list.

@Aethelflaed The SO’s mum once called me a flibbertijibbet. Not only was it true and her honesty was appreciated, it was a word I have only heard used in The Sound of Music. I couldn’t help laughing and agreeing with her.

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@Charles I still use:


Groovy is the only one I feel is outdated and not used by others. Sneakers especially surprises me that it is on your list. Sneakers is regional, maybe you have moved to a different city?

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@rooeytoo I still hear “for God’s sake,” sometimes it is goodness, just depends on the person. We use it when a little annoyed in a situation and want something done. Like my mom might say when I was a kid “for God’s sake J, stop xyz before you get hurt.”

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@Pied_Pfeffer Great list. Thanks.

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We say fortnight all the time in the UK.

I would also like to encourage the revival of the words “spiffing”, “bamboozled” and “gallivanting”.

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I like:

Smart, to describe someone who dresses well
Tart (which we used on a Q the other day to desctibe girls dressing like hookers)
Dapper (is that still being used?)

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Heaven’s to Betsy
Gor blimey guvnor, it isn’t half perishing out.
Tuppence hapenny.

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TITS!!!!!!! When you like something, or think its way cool, its TITS!!!
Besides, whats cooler than TITS???

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An eskimo’s balls?

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I feel like I’m in NedFlandersland.

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Great Scott!

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