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Boiled peanuts. Why?

Asked by woodcutter (16322points) April 28th, 2012

Anyone try these and if so, what did you think of them?

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They are delicious! I absolutely love them! I don’t know how healthy they are for you, but they sure taste great!

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Never had boiled peanuts…I like peanuts, but on their own. I don’t like it when peanuts appear in meals. Like I had this Chinese chicken meal once, and it was real good. Except for the strewn peanuts in it…why were they there? Heated peanuts taste like cadaver ass.

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Laughing at cadaver ass!!! I found boiled peanuts… blah. They didn’t entice me back for more.

I agree @Symbeline, peanuts should not be in your Chinese chicken meal. I feel that way about fruit in my curry too though.

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Ah, you ask about Goober Peas. I thought that I had tried them, but after reading the description of boiled peanuts, I realize that this isn’t the case. While peanuts are grown and popular in Virginia (where I grew up), the citizens generally don’t boil them.

@woodcutter Did you try boiled peanuts? What were they like?

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Did someone just execute Charlie Brown & the gang? Why…what for?

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I have eaten boiled peanuts for almost 50 years, and started eating them in New England when a friend had boiled peanuts sent up from North Carolina by his aunt. Hooked ! !
Now I live in North Carolina and stop at a couple different gas stations / convenience stores ans get the hot peanuts in red pepper.

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@Symbeline ‘cadaver ass’? I dare not ask how you know! I don’t think that I will be trying the boiled peanuts now!

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That is a great question. We tried them in Georgia – feh! I have no idea why they make them.

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I think that they may be an acquired taste. We used to get bags of boiled peanuts in Georgia when we visited my grandmother. I love them. My mother, at 88, still loves a can of boiled peanuts!

My husband who tasted them, said they taste like boiled legumes (which they are).

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I tasted them when I lived in Georgia. I’m generally a lover of all things peanut, especially fresh-roasted, or salted-in-the-shell. The boiled kind didn’t do anything for me; it must be an acquired taste as @marinelife stated. They seemed to be really popular, especially with folks who were raised in the region.

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I saw them in the market for the first time and they seemed gross enough to get my curiosity going so I took a chance and got a can. All it said on the label was pour out the brine, shell them and enjoy. Seemed easy enough. They are totally soggy and the nuts are soft and mushy. My wife saw them and left. “How’s that workin out for ya?” Whenever I open a package or can of anything the dogs quickly come over to see, no matter how discrete I try to be. So I offer them a taste and it was funny watching their faces. There isn’t much these guys won’t eat and they were hesitating getting into it. One saw the other take the plunge and ate a few also so there we were in the kitchen with me shelling the soggy nuts and the dogs sitting there eating them up as fast as I could give them.
They remind me of boiled okra. In my opinion breaded okra should be deep fried with seasoning and it’s great that way but not boiled.
I don’t want to give the dogs too many but they know they are in a pile on the counter in some paper towel soaking up the juice and they sniff the air there when they happen by. They are pushed to the back so the Pyrador wont stand up on her hind legs and help herself shells and all.
They definitely seem like an acquired taste. Maybe I should have gotten the regular ones instead of the bbq flavored kind.

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Cadaver ass LOL. Thats making sense now. My dog also eats cadavers. That’s her in my avatar finishing one off.

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Boiled peanuts are actually not bad, but not something I would eat by themselves; I think of them as more of an ingredient.

My tastes run more towards Boston Baked Beans

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I’ve never had them either, but so far I’ve never met a peanut concoction that I didn’t like so I’m 99% sure that I would like them.

I like peanuts fresh out of the shell, dry roasted, with skins, blanched, with salt or not, with spicy stuff like cayenne and garlic and rosemary and lime and lemongrass, ground up as peanut butter or thrown into an African stew, chopped and sprinkled on pad thai or sprinkled onto the outside of a Eskimo pie, I love them in Snickers bars, I like blister peanuts and Virginia peanuts and beer nuts and butter toffee peanuts. Come to think of it, peanuts are one of my favorite foods in the whole world.

I have heard that in some of the southern states in the U.S. people like to put them in their Coca Cola. Haven’t tried that yet, but it sounds like a classic example of sweet and salty.

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I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing but they sound absolutely revolting.

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Well they aren’t really horrible, more like really different. Sort of the opposite of dry roasted. Probably won’t get another can anytime soon but it was worth it this one time to check out something new to me. And the dogs like them. They acted the same way as humans do the first time they see them.

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@Symbeline I’m not a fan of peanuts in my Chinese food, but love fried cashews in my shrimp fried rice. Delicious!

I thought I’d had boiled peanuts, too, but there was no liquid in them, and they were already shelled. I must be thinking of something different, because what you’re describing I’m pretty sure I’d remember. Ick!

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@augustlan Might you be thinking of blister peanuts? Those are super yummy! They’re boiled first, without the shells, then fried while they’re still wet, making them extra crispy.

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Sounds gross. I agree with @Symbeline….I don’t really like nuts in my food.

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@Kardamom I’ve definitely had those, and they are really good. Love crispy stuff! I think I may have been thinking of the ubiquitous Virginia Peanuts, in a can. I don’t know why I thought they were boiled.

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Only once and never again. They turned green and just waiting to give me indigestion or death.

No more. They were nasty.

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—@Kardamom I discovered the peanuts-in-coke thing when I was in boot camp. I also know of some who do that with beer, but I’d rather just drink the beer to wash down the roasted peanuts! yummm!

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I like them.

They’re not too different from edamame.

FYI: Peanuts are not nuts. They’re legumes.

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Then why not call them pealegumes? Has a nice flow to it.

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Mine have been sitting for a few days now and they are much drier. So right now they aren’t too bad. Not as good as dry roasted salted that I’ve always known . Take a quote from Crocodile Dundee. ” Tastes like shit, but you could live off them”.

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Yeah what kind were they? Green huh?

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@Qingu I guess it’s the same reason some brands of roasted soybeans (snack types) are marketed as soy nuts!

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A bag of salted peanuts in an ice-cold glass bottle of Dr. Pepper – the epitome of southern living, lol.

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