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Is it legal to make/sell floppies with Mac OS 7 on them?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) April 29th, 2012

Would it be legal to put Mac OS 6/7 on floppy disks and sell it online?

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I don’t think so. Unless Apple has give up rights on it at some point and I can’t find anything that says they did.

Also an outdated OS on outdated media probably wouldn’t sell very well except for nostalgia purposes.

If someone actually wants to run the OS, they can use an emulator on a current machine.

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Of course not. Just because it’s outdated doesn’t mean Apple wants random people selling it to the public.

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They do provide all the software free to download though, available at

While its a weak argument, there licencing does allow for a 1 time transfer of ownership, If I can get it unlimitedly for free from them, surly I can make unlimited transfers of it too?

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It’s the selling it for a profit part that they will object to.

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Ah but that can be counted with the argument that you are only charging for the shipping and the actual floppy hardware.

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Why would anyone want to get it from you if they can get it online?

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… That’s beside the point.

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Well, you have your arguments all lined up. Have at it. Let us know how they work on the Judge. Be happy if you don’t end up walking the plank.

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Do you own the rights to the software? There’s your answer.

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I don’t think apple is worried about the current spate of floppy disc piracy.

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Do not confuse “Free” with “Public Domain”.
This is a company that is so grabby with money that they make notches on standard usb extension cables to ensure you don’t use anything they didn’t want you to with it. And sued a kid for painting iphones white before the white iphones came out.

They’re not going to be stupid enough allow any loophones to a single-user license agreement to allow you to legally be a redistrbutor. Especially at a profit.

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