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Can you change a flat tire?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) April 29th, 2012

Coming back from a pleasant visit to a farmstand and the car starts misbehaving. I pull over and sure enough, the front right is flat. I find a level spot, set the brake, jack it up and change the tire with that ridiculous little lug wrench. I stomp on the wrench to break the lug free if you’ve ever struggled with the wrench. Can you change a tire if needed?

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I do not know what that is.
But changing a tyre on my bicycle was always a pain in the arse.

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@ragingloli A flat tyre on an automobile.

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Probably not.

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It depends. If you mean swapping the entire wheel for a spare one, I could probably manage, despite never having done it before.
If you mean prying the rubber off the rim and putting new rubber on, then probably not.

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No, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’d probably try to yank the whole thing off, or keep hitting it with a tool until something happened. or I’d ask for help

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I have changed flat tires, several of them. I haven’t done it in a long time. I’m not sure if I still could do it, but I think I can.

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Yes I could if absolutely necessary. But as long as I have roadside service I will not.:-}

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@Symbeline Oh god,your answer has me lmao. I want you on my team when I race Le Mans.

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Yes. I can also call AAA.

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Yeah, but I’d rather not.

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Yep. The last time I did was Thanksgiving weekend two years ago. It was cold, dark (10pm-ish), off the shoulder of a construction zone on the interstate and I had my kids with me. Hardest part was getting the spare out from the underside of my van.
I think I could also change my oil if I had to. I never have in this van, tho. : )

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Yes. The first time I got a flat tire was when I was 16. I wasn’t far from home. Called Daddy. He said, “I’ll be right there!”
He came and said, “OK. Change it.”
I said, “What?”
He said, “You have to know how to change a tire because you could find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and no one to call.”
It was a good lesson except…I had just gotten some brand-new, beautiful gloves for Christmas and they were ruined with grease when I was done. : ( Anyway, it’s not rocket science.

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Yes, I can. My dad made sure of that when I got my learner’s permit when I was 15. Now, I’d call Geico for roadside assistance.

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Yeah, it’s very simple and I can do it pretty quickly.

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Well, I’d call Blackberry for assistance.

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I have changed tires on so many police cars, that now that I am retired, I have AAA change my personal auto tire flats for me.


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I still could if I had too, but normally I’d call the CAA (AAA).

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I know the basics but cannot physically do it. That is why I have AAA

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Yes, I absolutely can, and have. I also used to rotate my tires. Then I turned 40 and lost all desire to perform any maintenance on my car. I can still change a tire if I have to, but would prefer to call the guy with the truck.

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I know how, but physically it would be a little tough for me, I would probably pay later. I would not do it if I easily could wait for my husband. My husband once changed his race car tires five times in one day…rain tires, dry tires, rain tires…I have seen him do it so many time I can picture it in my sleep.

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I haven’t changed one since May 1997, but I still have the same car, so I think I could still do it.

One trick I remember is to loosen one’s nuts just a bit before jacking off up the car. Otherwise, once the car is resting on the jack, the force needed to loosen my nuts will turn the wheel instead to loosening said nuts.

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Easily. I also do my own brakes (disc brakes are like changing a tire only with two more bolts), and I’ve been known to replace alternators, head gaskets, shocks, and oil.

@Brian1946 Entirely true. In fact, not cracking the nuts loose before you lift the car may also knock it off the jack; very dangerous, and likely to damage the car even if it misses you.

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I think so, but I’d probably put the jack in the wrong place under the car and mess something up. I prefer to just call AAA.

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I know how, but have never had to. I’ve always been lucky enough to have people volunteer to change them for me, which is awesome! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t physically change one now. I’d have to call someone.

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I have been shown a couple of times and I think I could do it. I have (thank goodness and touching wood) never had to test out my ability to do this though.

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Yes. I’ve done it several times.

I can also swap out the battery, change the wiper blades, replace lights, and check & top off all fluids.

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I’ve never done it myself, though I’ve been shown, and I’d be down to try if I needed to – especially if I was in an area with Internet and could watch a YouTube video or two.

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I know how but have never had to. I can also wipe my own bum.

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Of course.

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Yeah, so long as Jack helps out.

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Yes, I can. It’s one of the very few useful things I got from my ex-husband.

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I have been shown a couple of times, but am not sure I could actually do it. When my 6’2”, 200 lb., very muscular mechanic last rotated my (very old) tires for me, he had to jump on the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts. So my five foot nothing self probably wouldn’t get very far.

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My sister and I once had a flat tire in the mall parking lot. I was about 19, she was 16. I went to work on it, and couldn’t get one the lug nuts off. Could NOT. There was an auto parts / garage store nearby, and I was getting ready to head over there to get a crow bar or pry bar or something to use as leverage, when 3 guys showed up to “rescue” me. They fought and fought and fought that lug nut. I kept saying, “If we can get some leverage on it we can probably get it off.”
They ignored me. I was just a “woman.” What the hell did I know.
When I said it again about 5 minutes later one of them said, “That won’t do any good!”
I tried to explain that ”...if you can stick a crow bar into the open end of the 4 way tire iron, then you can..”
“That won’t work!” one of them ‘splained in exasperation to the stupid woman again.
A couple minutes later I just shook my head and headed off to the auto parts store to get a pry bar. Got back about 8 minutes later, just as they were finishing up.
“What did they do?” I whispered to my sister.
“One of them had a crow bar in the car,” she whispered back “They did what you said.”
I could only smile sweetly and thank the boys for helping po’, empty-headed little me.
There are some things I sure don’t miss about the 70’s. The men’s attitudes toward women is one.

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