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Where can I find photocopying poster-sized paper (poster quality)

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9912points) April 29th, 2012


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Check Uprinting. You can beat prices if printing large numbers of posters, but they are worth looking at for a 1-of or just a few copies.

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Edit by me. I answered on the wrong question again.

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Kinko’s can do very large sizes. I once had something printed that was about 4 feet by 6 feet, from a soft-copy original. It came out just fine.

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Oh—you’re asking where to buy the paper? Sheets or rolls of heavy stock, poster-weight? I thought you were asking where you could get the photocopying done.

I’d search on art supplies, printing supplies, and photocopying supplies for starters. Or visit a store such as Staples that sells poster board and see what they can special-order.

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Oh, oh, oh… You did say where to get poster paper. I was in an AC More Art & Craft Store yesterday. They had it, as well as project board to mount it.

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Art stores like Aaron Bros., Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Pearl, that kind of place if you don’t want to pay markup and go to a Kinko’s or commercial copy service place.

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