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Those of you that are divorced, do you think you will ever marry again?

Asked by chyna (47014points) April 29th, 2012

Not that your first marriage was so horrible, but do you think you will marry again?

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No. Although I would never remarry my ex, we still have strong ties.

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I may marry if the right person comes along. Right now i am thinking it might not be until my daughter is out of high school. She’ll be a freshman in the fall.

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Maybe. No strong feelings either way.

I have a lot of kids who have yet to finish college. When they are done with college I may feel more flexible to get married, but right now, I would only be doing it because it made a younger woman feel pleased.

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It’s not impossible, but highly unlikely. I’m glad I saw marriage for what it is early.

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I didn’t think I would after I got divorced, but that changed when I met my husband. When we first started dating, I still didn’t think I would ever get remarried. That changed after some time though and I’m glad I changed my mind about it.

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@Blackberry marriage is what you make of it, largely.

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Highly unlikely, I don’t even want to live with anyone. haha
My joke is the ideal relationship for me these days is 20 acres, with two houses and a picnic table in between. On second thought make that 50 acres. lol

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I’ve had enough friends my age as guinea pigs the last few years, sheesh…even at 50ish the drama is still at play…no thanks, I’m all about serenity these days. It would take a REALLY special kinda guy to get me to turn off my electric fence. lol

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I’m not divorced, but I’ve always said (all the way back to when it was only hypothetical) that getting married is one of those things I’d never do more than once.

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@Jeruba Here, here, standing ovation! ;-)

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I never would have gotten married again, but basically had to for immigration purposes. Generally, I have a very low opinion of marriage.

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I swore I wouldn’t. I did. The right guy changed my mind, and I’m awfully glad. :)

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I did. I didn’t expect I would and for a long time I didn’t even really want to date anyone. Then my now husband came back into my life. It was absolutely the right thing to marry him. I am very, very happy. Never say never.

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@tranquilsea Or what the other person makes of it for you, lol.

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Before that, I said I’d never do it at all.

“Well, all right, but just this once.”

Actually I had no reluctance about marrying him, and I’m still glad I did. I had doubts about being married. I guess I’ve learned to live with them.

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