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Silly question no. 44 - Who would win the battle, you or your villainous version?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23110points) April 29th, 2012

If all of a sudden a naughty or annoying or mean or wicked or evil doppelgänger or double or duplicate or copy of yourself appears and starts messing up your life and it all boils down to a duel to the death between you and your dastardly self…how would you defeat you-?

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I am the villainous one >: )

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I don’t know.. It’s a toss up.. They both would be kinda villainous.

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Love conquers all?

YARNLADY's avatar

@jerv is my evil twin, you be the judge.

dabbler's avatar

My evil twin makes mistakes and gets sloppy and while having a diabolical focus will overlook things in the big picture. So my good twin shall prevail.

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The “evil” twin obviously. The “evil” twin is not bound by morality, ethics, or honour and thus has a free selection of tools, methods and tricks to level against the “good” twin.
So my victory is guaranteed.

Blackberry's avatar

Since I’m a spineless coward and pacifist, they would win.

Aesthetic_Mess's avatar

My villainous version, because the bad side of me would go as far as it wants, without caring. I am too cautious otherwise.

majorrich's avatar

My eevil twin would win. I get blindsided all the time.

Ayesha's avatar

I would win. I’d kick my evil ass!

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So far, after reading the recent posts, clearly, Dr. Evil should be proud. ( darn )

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I am terrible at being a villainous version of myself.
Good will prevail.

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The real deal me would kick evil boy’s arse & send him directly to bed without any supper.

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You could call the villainous version of me villainous, but that wouldn’t make it so.

We don’t fight. We cooperate and try to make the world a little bit better while still leading well-rounded lives.

Ain’t it fund rejecting false dichotomies?

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According to one member, here I am a race baiter. Therefore my doppelganger would be the good one. I hope that I am beat by my better part but I doubt that the “meek will inherit the earth”. Therefore the mean-me will win (insert evil laugh sound here).

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I would engage my good twin in a joust, unhorse her, then beat her bloody with her own lance.

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@Ron_C You mean insert, BWAHAHAHAAAAH-?

Ron_C's avatar

@mazingerz88 I think that may be how it’s spelled. BWAHAHAHAAAAH (the evil me)

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In the mistaken belief that I was the ‘good’ twin I would waste no time in murdering the evil lecherous bastard.

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The villainous me would win by cheating.

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My good twin would negotiate, my evil twin would use subterfuge. I’m too big a softy—the evil twin would win.

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I already have an evil twin who is a super villain called “The Demoralizer” who loves to insult people! “Does this make me look fat?” “YES!!! Now please go take it off, you’re taking up all the space in the room!” She would win by depressing me so badly, I would have no will to fight!

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Pfft, my evil twin does every goddamn thing I order her to.

@ucme The real deal me would kick evil boy’s arse & send him directly to bed without any supper.

Stone cold man, stone cold…

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@Symbeline Fank yoo, twas said in the style of Doc Savage, for that extra little oomph!

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The evil one is winning so far today :(

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