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Silly question no. 37- I'm here so far having already consumed too much coffee in SB and haven't done any work I've come here to do and I'm Fluthering. What's wrong with me?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25915points) April 30th, 2012

Supposedly a feel good question. So let all jellies rip it. And rip it good! : )

( Wait, shouldn’t that be whip it? Whip it good? )

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Well..this explains your all over the map Q’s this morning, from being mad about only getting a T-shirt from Amsterdam, to pondering the differences between kissing men and woman, and now…this.

What’s wrong with you is the coffee has short circuited your gray matter and you are now bouncing around like a rubber ball in a big parking lot.
Three words….drink some water, and eat a big lunch to come down. lol

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Not a damn thing that I can tell. This is my plan for tomorrow. I SHALL (Hah! I love these other thread references!) wash my dishes and vacuum before I allow myself that first hot, sweet, gratifying sip of coffee. Then I will happily settle in and sip, fluther, sip, fluther, and repeat.
Have at it, Snookums.

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It’s Monday.

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It’s called Flutheritis. It happens when you join Fluther and the site takes you into its clenches and won’t let go. There is nothing you can do about it. You are already hooked. You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.

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Addicted. Fluther interferes with your serotonin and eventually you need more and more just to feel normal. Coffee acts as a multplier, exponentially increasing the effect. ~

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You are quite possibly suffering from addiction. I wonder if I’m already succumbing to the madness; I should really be doing laundry, mopping floors and replacing lightbulbs right now…

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When you find the answer, I will use it as mine. I blame it on the 60oz of coffee today, but I am still getting a hell of a lot done.

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@mothermayi Succumbing to madness at 117 lurve?! Well…yeah.

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Hey, I may have been here a short time, but it’s quite an interesting place!

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@mothermayi Welcome to Fluther and you have a very interesting avatar.

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I have a scratchy feeling Puss N’Boots is standing right beside that cat in the line-up.

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Lay off the pipe, son!

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Just for the record, in my social circles we do not refer to it as SB (that means Senate Bill to me). Instead, we travel to St. Arbucks for our spiritual needs . . .

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Just like most of us you would rather have fun than work. I think Freud called it the pleasure principle (I am assuming work is painful).

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You’re addicted, like the rest of us.

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