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What is the craziest thing you have ever seen anyone eat?

Asked by slinkey34 (8points) May 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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That poisonous octopus that you have to wrap around chopsticks, put in the back of your throat, and swallow whole so it won’t kill you!(!!!!!!!)

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@allie i thought you had to do it like that because they were alive and if you dont do it properly it will suction onto your throat cutting off oxygen. If it was poisonous wouldnt it kill you anyway once you digested it

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uberbatman: I thought you had to eat them like that because they are poisonous and if you bite into them… well, the poison can kill you. I heard that if you swallow them whole, then once they get to your stomach the acids in your stomach kill them. I’m curious now.. time to look it up. Hope I can find it. =\

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A big grub of some kind on Man vs. Wild last Friday, or maybe the time I tried Sea Urchin.

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The only octopus i know if thats poisonous is the blue ring octopus. They arent the ones you eat. Still though if the acids in your stomach killed the octopus(which it does) the poisons would still be released into your body. I think you may be mixing up octopus with puffer fish.

@answerman1980 ive had sea urchin a couple times now, i didnt really like it, not a great taste or texture for that matter.

Salmon Roe on the other hand YUM its like salmon flavored icebreakers lol.

EDIT: allie i also forgot to add that a lot of the time when people eat “live” octopus it isnt really alive just chopped up but it can remain to move for 3 hours after its death. This is the same kind of octopus that people eat whole, so its not a poison issue.

RE-EDIT : watch

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uberbatman: Yeah! Ok, so the octopus isn’t poisonous, but puffer fish is. I think I was mixing them both into one.

Well, I’ve seen people eat both. For the octopus, they wrap the tentacles around a chopstick and eat the octopus (EDIT:) live whole. For the puffer fish, if it’s not prepared the right way it can kill you.

Thanks for clearing that up, uberbatman. By the way, I literally gasped when you said it still moves 3 hours after it’s been cut up.

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I would loveeeeeee to eat Fugu theres just not many places around me that offer it. Last time i checked there were only like 15 places in the US allowed to serve it.

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its called ablu I think. Its a 3-day old rotten duck egg. It smells pretty bad. And my friend ate two.

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I have eaten shrimp brains, and the reason this is strange to me is because it doesn’t seem like there would be much there. It is served in a small glass with other ingredients to make a delicious concoction of flavor. There is a claim that it makes you smarter?! I know the question stated anything I have seen someone else eat but….my sister ate it first so I guess it counts.

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i know someone who ate a live goldfish. another person ate part of a 6 month old pb&j sandwich.

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so zack (not mtl) what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen someone eat?

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my friend had a couple other friends hock loogies into a little cup and then he took it as a shot. He was young at the time…hell he’d prob do it again. And a drunk guy try to swallow a baby octopus whole and then choke on it and he had to have the heimlich done. I really wonder why I leave my house sometimes!

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My b/f ate cow tongue soup once. EW

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Oh man i almost forgot about that. It wasnt soup though, there was some in an alfredo sauce and some in a red sauce with mushrooms and some other vegies. Man was it tasty.

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Sometimes I find myself eating crow.

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Yesterday my husband ate an ant for no apparent reason. He should stop drinking.

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While in China a friend of mine ordered water beatles and I ordered snake. The cool part was that I went to the front of the restaurant and picked out the snake (live) was taken back to the chef area and watched him hack the head off with a machete and 15 minutes later it was in front of me on a plate.

The water beatles were crunchy and therefore harder to eat psychologically speaking.

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Horse poop. No, really.

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Do i dare ask why elchoopanebre?

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I was about 7 or 8 in a summer camp that had horses. One kid said he would eat anything so I tested his bold statement…He wasn’t just talk- he ate a hand full of horse poop right then and there to silence us unbelievers.

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@richmarshall- Water beatles or water beetles? Because I heard that the Water Beatles broke up in 1970.
Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

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@astrochuck~~~lol. I try.

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When I was in Laos, one of our employees had fermented duck egg in the shell (I can’t remember what the dish is called). It was a disgusting, partially rotten embryo, complete with feathers.

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Could it have been a balut?

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Yep, that’s it. He also had live wasp larvae out of the paper nest for breakfast one morning.

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@syz – I saw What’sHisName on Bizarre Foods eat that. Looked disgusting!

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