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Most memorable arrests, either from movies/tv or real life?

Asked by ucme (45420points) April 30th, 2012

Factual or fictitious apprehensions by officers with a badge, sometimes a gun too, remember any goodies?

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Mel Gibson

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Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker.

The irony of his arrest was that it probably saved his life.

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Aww bless, look up there, I got a GQ from some kindly soul, now that is thoughtful.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger apprehended Bill Paxon in “True Lies” and brought him to the edge of a cliff, whereupon Bill began to spout off a bunch of self deprecating nonsense to include the insignificance of his man parts. Hilarious.

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The original Hawaii Five-O.

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@john65pennington “Book ‘em, Danno!”

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It was a heart-breaking day to read that actor Christian Bale was arrested for assaulting his mother and sister.

I’ve only witnessed two arrests. One was of a famous child actor (now an adult). He was hired by some Chicago radio stations to participate in interviews on Halloween. He was a guest in the hotel where I worked. Late that night, he arrived back to the hotel in a drunken and belligerent state. After refusing to pay the cab fare, the driver called the police, and the celebrity was arrested in the hotel’s lobby.

Another arrest (in the same hotel) took place when two business men were arrested in their room for drug trafficking. There was no fuss; the whole arrest was conducted quietly. The only reason I was privy to the circumstances was that the arresting officers stopped at the front desk on their way out and made the two men pay their hotel bill. :)

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I don’t know what movie it’s from, but the one where the cop says – “you have the right to remain silent, so shut the *** up! If you can’t afford an attorney, we will provide the stupidest attorney we can find” etc., etc. I think it was a Will Smith movie.

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The day my best friend’s step dad was arrested for murdering her mother. One of the best moments ever.

The most recent memorable arrest though, for me, was Conrad Murray being put in cuffs after sentencing.

I’m having trouble coming with movie/fictitious ones at the moment.

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