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Why is bacon Canadian?

Asked by Cardinal (2921points) May 27th, 2008

Why is Canadian bacon called what it is called? Because it is roundish, or gives you a bad complexition and makes you fat or makes you talk funny What is it?

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To differentiate it from regular cured bacon. It is also reminiscent of the bacon served in Canada, although not the same as indicated below:

From Wise Geek

The cured pork product which Americans know as Canadian bacon is usually called back bacon in other parts of the world. It is made from the loin cut, which is in the center of the pig’s back. As a result, the bacon is much leaner than conventional bacon. Back bacon is prepared in the same way as conventional bacon, with a salting and smoking process intended to cure the meat. Slightly more sugar is usually used, lending a sweet quality to Canadian bacon.

In much of Canada and Great Britain, however, “Canadian bacon” is an entirely different food, cured and treated in a different way before sale. Availability of the two different types of bacon varies, depending on one’s location.

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Thanks Marina. I asked one of my students (on my bus) she isCanadian and in the 9th grade, so I assumed she knew everything. But not this.

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its not really from Canada. It actually comes from some other secret place that they don’t want you to know about.

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Tom I’m not God! And the reason is because of how it is sliced. It also actually originated it America. I asked my CANADIAN dad. but just because we’re Canadian doesn’t mean we know EVERYTHING. Oh and I kinda did know I just wasn’t sure

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