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Urgent help needed regarding ejectable hard drive?

Asked by MilkyWay (13730points) April 30th, 2012

My USB was working fine this afternoon, but now it’s not opening up.
There’s an error message stating that it needs formatting.
What’s wrong? Is there any way I can get my work? Can I format it?

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Formatting erases all the data on the drive.
Have you tried re-booting your computer and tried a different USB port?
What OS and version are you running? Windows XP, Vista, 7? Mac OS X (10.5?10.6?10.7?)

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Okay, I haven’t formatted it.
I haven’t tried rebooting, I’ll do that now. I’m currently using Windows Vista.

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I rebooted it, and tried the other 3 ports, but it’s not working :/

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Have you tried the drive on a different computer? It could be that the usb controller is fouled up on the one you’re trying it on.

If you were to look in the device manager (I’d give specific directions if I knew what version of windows) you may see that something has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it, or some other symbol denoting a problem.

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Another relatively easy and cheap solution is to test the drive with a new USB cable. They aren’t foolproof. Though I doubt this is the problem, it’s worth being sure before you try more complicated, expensive and time-consuming solutions.

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Donload recuva and run it on the drive using deep scan and all fle types, good luck.

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I’ve seen four external hard drives that had the USB controller inside the external box go bad.
And the disk drive was aok on all four of them.

Take your external drive box apart, pull the drive off its connector and jack it into an adapter

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@digitalimpression I’ve tried that, no joy.
@CWOTUS Nope, I don’t think that’s the problem either.
@XOIIO Mate, thank you so much for that, it’s a pretty nifty way to recover files, but it can’t read my drive :/
@dabbler That’s the onlt thing I haven’t tried yet, apart from going to the very expensive specialist. So, adapter’s next.
Thanks all <3
It was pretty silly of me not to back some of my work up, but the positive side is that most of it I have…

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