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I-Pod / MP3 playlist - How many do you listen to?

Asked by bewailknot (2894points) April 30th, 2012

I have my digital music library. Out of that I only have 228 songs I keep on my i-Pod. Although I like all the music in my library, and my favorites are in my i-pod, I find I only play about 10 songs regularly. What about you?

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Seriously? Ten?

I have about 1800 so far, and I’m always looking for more. My problem with the iPod is that I mostly listen to it in the car on the way to and from work… and I have a 6-minute commute if I hit the lights all wrong.

It can take me days to listen to a complete symphony, so sometimes I have to take the long way home.

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My mood changes as quickly as the weather does here. That goes for the choice of song too. I listen to a lot of different music daily,

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Had to look on iPod…have 178 on favorite playlist only listen to about 40. This is an interesting question you raise. Just realized I re-play some everytime depending on mood as well.

Think I’ll re-order them tomorrow for a change. Thanks.

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I was surprised to find I have 2,334 tracks of which I regularly listen to about 12.

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I can’t count how many digitized versions across multiple players.
My mood dictates what I listen to so I have no fav.
I also love shuffle to find a hidden gem.

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My iPod has 22,794 tracks on it with a total play time of about 70 days. I use smart play lists that select songs by popularity (based on my rating, number of plays, number of skips etc – note to apple when you get round to sorting out itune you really need to make smart playlists easier to use) and by time since last play so that I listen to music I like that I haven’t heard in a while so it always seems fresh

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My mp3 player holds 1300 songs, and I keep it on shuffle. It is very rare that I will skip a track except when first turning it on. I usually cycle in and out 20–30 songs once every 2–4 weeks. I really need an mp3 player with a bigger capacity because 1300 just isn’t big enough.

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I have 7,452 songs in my library, 7,206 in the playlist that I usually listen to (which excludes Christmas songs and ones I’ve rated 1 star) I rotate the ones I have on my iPhone regularly, to let the new stuff in, though I keep it around 4,000+.

Since I usually keep it on shuffle, I don’t think there are any songs that I listen to most regularly. There are a select few, my ‘go-to’ songs when I’m in a particular mood, but I’m wary of listening to a song so much it loses its impact.

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I just keep my iPod on shuffle so I very rarely choose what I listen to!

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Shuffle is the way I run myPod, too, but… it does create some odd moments to hear an opera or symphony followed by Green Day’s Minority or Tom Lehrer at almost any time.

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I have so many songs on my iPod that I had to create different playlists just to bring up the songs I love but get buried. I do this across genres too. My song count is up to 2900 and out of that 2900 I love at least ½ of it.

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I have 880 songs in my library.
My iPod can hold 160 GB of music. I plan to fill it up eventually.
I listen to all of my music in the course of about four days because I put it on shuffle and just let it play to keep me company during the day.

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I have about 900 songs on my iPod and so, in order to hear only my favourites from time to time have created a playlist of my top 100 songs.

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Ever listen to a Top 10 playlist with your favorite song included?

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