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How many "Questions for You" do you have as "new"?

Asked by Zaku (24529points) May 27th, 2008

I hit 500 today, so I seized on the occasion to (avoid doing my work and) look at many of them. I’m down to 458 now. Not that it’s a problem; I’m just curious.

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None, If i don’t plan to answer them I click Remove, mostly once or twice every two days.

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I usually remove or look at them ASAP. I once had 15 new ones in a 2 hour span.

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Whoa, I never keep questions there. Whenever I log into fluther, first I go through the Questions for me, and remove ones I am not interested in. Then I read/answer the ones I am interested in, and then I look at activity i’m following. I had no idea people kept questions there forever. This is somewhat earth-shattering.

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Hehe. I’m privileged to rock your world, ezraglen. Thing is, I am interested in most of them, but I think I don’t have time to read all of them, or even to go look to be sure I’m not interested, and if I keep them “new” then I know I haven’t read them yet, while if I look and just click to “follow” it, then I think I probably have read all the responses, so I’m “saving them to study later”, sort of.

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I’m with ezraglenn on this one. I get rid of them if I’m not interested and answer them if I am.

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Im on here WAYYYYYY to often to ever have more than 10 new questions for me, and most of those questions are asked when im either sleeping or at work. Most ive ever had was 50 something and that was because i was away for the weekend, and i found that annoying. I have no clue how the hell your going to go through 458 lol.

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1101. Seriously. At a certain point I just gave up. Fortunately the new feature-set will let me catch up much more easily.

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Andrew: Holllllly cow!!! That’s a lot of questions..

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Ah, I feel more special now, and in good company.

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491 right now. 73 I’m following. Yikes.

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I’ve got 300, but I haven’t checked them since Monday.

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12. And that’s after not checking for a few days.

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I just have one

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98. I’m trying to get caught up, but it seems hopeless!!

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Now 57. I delete a lot.

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This morning 350 now 173.

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I’ve given up trying to fight inflation. I’m at 823.

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